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  • Small business group endorses Cassidy

    In what could be a significant blow to Sen. Mary Landrieu's re-election campaign, the National Federation of Independent Business on Wednesday endorsed Louisiana's Republican Senate nominee Rep. Bill Cassidy.

  • Grrl power: New voter drive to sign up women

    Feeling outgunned by men in government, a "Main Street" Republican group has launched a multi-city campaign to get women registered to vote and even signed up to run for office.

  • Pew: Americans want their churches to get political

    Virtually half of the nation wants churches to get involved in politics and some even want religious leaders to endorse candidates for office, according to a new Pew Research Center poll.

  • Obama to attend Hispanic caucus gala

    Obama will be speaking this year amid anger from the Latino community on his delaying of executive action on immigration reform.

  • Alaska: Begich trails as new GPS ad hits the air against him

    Crossroads GPS has released a new ad against incumbent Sen. Mark Begich, D-Alaska, just as a new poll has come out showing him trailing his Republican challenger, former Attorney General Dan Sullivan, 41 percent to 43 percent.

  • Cosmopolitan endorses Shaheen

    "We wish we could support the man who once posed nude in our pages," the Cosmopolitan editors said Tuesday, referring to his 1982 spread, "but his policy positions just aren't as solid as his abs were in the '80s."

  • Leading Democratic pollster: GOP winning in fight for Arkansas Senate seat

    Despite more than $9 million in spending by Democratic outside groups against him, Rep. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., is currently leading his Democratic opponent, incumbent Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark., by five points, according to new data from Public Policy Polling, a Democratic polling firm.

  • Obama hurting Begich in Alaska

    A new Public Policy Polling survey in Alaska shows Begich two points behind Republican challenger Dan Sullivan.

  • Bush, Palin to stump in Kansas

    Bush and Palin will join the three-term senator -- currently in a tight re-election race -- at a luncheon in Wichita.

  • Christie still faces challenges for 2016

    For New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, the rain may have subsided but the storm clouding the Republican's once sterling presidential prospects has yet to clear.

  • New Hampshire Republican Party adds 'personhood' to official platform

    The platform now states: "Support the unborn child's fundamental right to life and establish that, in NH law, personhood begins at conception."

  • The death of the republic part II: Knowledge of Congress edition

    A disturbingly large number of Americans are unable to state which political party controls the U.S. House of Representatives and which party controls the U.S. Senate, according to a new Gallup report.

  • Land takes hard line on Obamacare

    On Monday, the conservative Independent Women's Voice announced that the Michigan Republican signed its Obamacare Repeal Pledge.

  • Outside election spending nears $230m

    Outside interest group spending is set to break records for a midterm election.

  • Stay away: Just 46% of Democrats want to see Obama help local politicians

    Just 43 percent of Democrats call Obama's presidency a success and a near majority believe that a visit by the damaged president would not help local politicians.

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