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  • DNC worried about midterm turnout because 'lower turnout means that we'll lose'

    When Democratic National Committee operatives describe something as "undemocratic," they mean it's not good for the Democratic Party. "We believe that we should expand democracy -- that expanding democracy is good for the nation; it is good for our party," Democratic National Committee...

  • New DNC email warns of Senate 'Majority Leader' Mitch McConnell

    A new Democratic National Committee fundraising email tries to scare supporters into a last minute donation for Democrats to keep the Senate, by floating the idea of Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., becoming the Senate majority leader.

  • Jim Clyburn: Obama's campaign organization has gone missing

    President Obama isn't doing enough to get House Democrats elected, according to Rep. Jim Clyburn who said Obama needs to stop fundraising and start activating his campaign organization in key districts.

  • Republicans hope to capitalize on Mary Landrieu's Rhea Suh vote

    The GOP is prepared to attack the Louisiana Senator for her vote to confirm Suh to a key post in the Department of the Interior.

  • Obama endorses Brian Schatz in Hawaii Senate primary

    President Obama endorsed Sen. Brian Schatz in Hawaii's Democratic primary on Monday, calling him the “right choice to continue delivering for Hawaii.” The rare endorsement from Obama, who has often stayed away from contentious Democratic primary fights, will likely boost Schatz in his...

  • Iowa Rep. Bruce Braley, foe of Iowa farmers, is ally of corporate welfare

    Iowa Senate candidate Bruce Braley was perfectly upfront about his disdain for Iowa farmers. David Freddoso spells out how Braley feels about trial lawyers (he's their champion) and small business (he's their scourge). But don't rush to judge Braley as "anti-business." In the House, he...

  • Greg Abbott shifts to schools in Texas governor's race

    Republican Greg Abbott is ready to shift the Texas governor's race back to education — but not over classroom spending cuts.

  • GOP has built-in advantage in fight for House of Representatives

    Republican strategists spent years developing a plan to take advantage of the 2010 census, first by winning state legislatures and then redrawing House districts to tilt the playing field in their favor. Their success was unprecedented.

  • Examiner Editorial: Dems' Obamacare 'fixes' are just Washington wink-winks

    Quick, did you see that? Senate Democrats just pulled another Washington wink-wink on Obamacare. For those who might need a refresher, the WWW is the old standby of professional Washington politicians from both parties when they need to look like they are doing something concrete when in fact...

  • Joe Biden warns: 'We could lose' --- to Ted Cruz!

    With the end of the month bringing to a close the latest political fundraising quarter, Vice President Joe Biden is warning that without a ton of new money, the Democrats could lose the Senate to Sen. Ted Cruz. “We could lose,” is the headline on his fundraising email for the Democratic...

  • Colorado Senate race focuses on GOP challenger Cory Gardner

    The Senate race in Colorado has shot toward the top of the nation's most competitive contests this midterm election year, giving the Democratic incumbent a tougher battle than he expected and Republicans a new pickup opportunity in their drive to win the chamber's majority.

  • FreedomWorks ditches Nebraska's Shane Osborn for Ben Sasse in Senate race

    In an unusual move, FreedomWorks announced Friday afternoon that it was rescinding its endorsement of former Nebraska Treasurer Shane Osborn in the Republican Senate primary, and will instead support another primary contender, Midland University President Ben Sasse. Matt Kibbe, the...

  • Would a GOP takeover of the Senate kill the employer mandate?

    It isn't clear that Republicans would want to pass an isolated repeal of the employer mandate. And even if the GOP did pass it, would President Obama be willing to sign it?

  • Former Washington Redskin and congressional candidate Clint Didier courts Capitol Hill

    It was an interesting day for Clint Didier. The former Washington Redskins tight end and current congressional candidate — he’s running for the Washington House seat that Doc Hastings will vacate upon retirement — has been in Washington, D.C., since Tuesday, meeting with groups, sitting...

  • Democrats turn their fire on Koch brothers in desperate bid to save Senate

    Charles Koch, 78, and David Koch, 73, who run the second-largest privately held company in the country, are pouring a chunk of their vast fortune into helping Republicans take back the Senate.

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