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  • Poll: Barbara Comstock crushing Foust in bid to replace Va. Rep. Frank Wolf

    Virginia Del. Barbara Comstock is far in front of Fairfax Democrat John Foust in a new poll that reveals his sexist slap at the Republican has damaged his chances to replace retiring Republican Rep. Frank Wolf.

  • Anti-abortion groups split over personhood

    As Republican candidates this year face intense criticism for past support for giving full constitutional rights to a fetus, activists are divided over whether to continue pushing the idea.

  • VIDEO: New poll shows Louisiana leaning left

    A new Gallup poll out Tuesday shows Louisiana is leaning left, but that isn't necessarily a good thing for incumbent Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu.

  • NRSC airs three new ads in battlegrounds

    The National Republican Senatorial Committee on Tuesday released new campaign ads targeting North Carolina, Arkansas and Colorado, which are three of the most contested Senate races.

  • Getting closer: Hillary's first post-election speech to green campaign activists

    Hillary Clinton, expected to launch her campaign for president early next year, is already mapping her path to that decision with a major green energy speech set for December to one of the nation's most influential conservation activist groups.

  • Obama: Democrats will hold the Senate

    President Obama predicted that Democrats would be able to hold majority control of the Senate in the critical midterm elections this November and said his record of fixing the economy is better than any other world leader's.

  • Big-bucks backers bankroll McConnell-Grimes race

    Of the $37 million in combined contributions to the two candidates identified by an analysis by the Louisville Courier-Journal, 85 percent is from out of state.

  • Ernst opens lead over Braley in Iowa race

    The Des Moines Register survey of likely voters shows Ernst leading 44-38 in a race that had long been deadlocked.

  • Louisiana's Landrieu trails Cassidy in new poll

    Sen. Mary Landrieu is trailing her Republican challenger among likely voters in a head-to-head contest in one of the tightest races in the nation, and one that could help decide whether Republicans take control of the Senate, according to a new poll.

  • Democrats miss out on Bill Clinton's golden fundraising touch after birth of his first grandchild

    Chelsea Clinton's new baby will be costly for Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., who is locked in a tight re-election race.

  • Democrats withdraw 'untrue' ad linking Republican candidate to Arizona firefighters suit

    A Republican congressional candidate in New Jersey was successful in forcing the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to yank a television that falsely linked him to a lawsuit filed by Arizona firefighters.

  • Why Senate races always go down to the wire

    Experienced political observers say that even in wave years, the public doesn't make up its mind until the last minute and many key races may still be close.

  • Palin hits the road for GOP long-shots

    Louisiana's Rob Maness isn't the first candidate she has traveled to rally for, and with a few exceptions, her chosen candidates have faced bruising defeat.

  • White House OK with lame-duck AG pick

    The White House on Friday wouldn't reveal the timing of President Obama's nomination to replacing outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder but argued that Republicans should quickly support the nominee, even if it comes before January.

  • Grimes' 'Proud Man' ad raises eyebrows

    The ad highlights the Kentucky Democrat's grandparents' struggles to pay medical bills after her grandfather's stroke. One hiccup: During that time period, her politically connected father made some hefty campaign donations and oversaw multimillion-dollar business deals.

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