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  • Could Arizona fiasco lead to firing squads for death penalty?

    After a lethal injection took two hours to execute a convicted murderer, a federal judge suggests returning to older, now-abandoned methods.

  • Supreme Court allows Arizona execution to proceed

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. Supreme Court is allowing an Arizona execution to go forward amid a closely watched First Amendment fight over the secrecy surrounding lethal injection drugs. The court ruled in favor of the state of Arizona in the case of Joseph Wood, who was convicted of murder in...

  • Progressives split over Arizona convention

    In the political world, immigration is generally seen as an issue that divides Republicans. But there are fissures inside the Democratic world as well. One example is emerging on the party's left wing. A few days ago, Netroots Nation, the yearly gathering of progressives that grew out of the...

  • Used car dealer to pay restitution in Arizona

    Horne PHOENIX (Legal Newsline) – Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne announced a settlement on Tuesday with a used automobile dealer and its owner to resolve allegations they engaged in deceptive acts and practices. Horne filed a lawsuit on May 20 against Prieto’s Auto Sales Inc....

  • Oops! This congressional candidate mistook a bus of YMCA campers for migrant children [VIDEO]

    Adam Kwasman confused a busload of YMCA campers for migrant children on Tuesday, and you shouldn't miss his reaction to learning the truth.

  • CNN vs. Arizona law enforcement: Why villainize undocumented children?

    An Arizona sheriff who suggested recently that many of the underage illegal immigrants crossing the U.S. border are also violent gang members was taken to task Wednesday morning by a CNN anchor.

  • Key Democrat wants Obama to visit border: 'important and very symbolic'

    A key border Democrat calls on President Obama to break away from his fundraising during a trip to Texas this week and visit the U.S.-Mexico border, where an immigration crisis is brewing.

  • Appeals court halts denial of licenses for immigrants in Arizona

    An appeals court blocked Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's policy of denying driver's licenses to young immigrants who have gotten work permits and avoided deportation under an Obama administration policy.

  • The Republican who has followed Ted Kennedy's path

    In many ways, Sen. John McCain has followed the path laid out by Sen. Ted Kennedy after his unsuccessful attempt to wrest the Democratic nomination from Jimmy Carter in 1980.

  • VIDEO: The Phoenix VA's problems just got a lot more serious --- here's why

    The FBI is looking into the Department of Veterans Affairs following recent reports that veterans died while waiting for medical care in Phoenix, FBI Director James Comey told the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday.

  • Military bases: Obama's new illegal alien dumping grounds

    A source tipped me off last week to a curious occurrence: It seems that two planeloads of illegal aliens were recently shipped to Massachusetts. The first reportedly landed at Hanscom Air Force Base in Bedford. According to my tipster, approximately 160 illegal immigrants arrived on that flight...

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