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  • In Iowa, Paul Ryan says budget a step toward GOP unity

    Republican U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan told an Iowa audience Friday that his party can and must come together, and he held out his recently passed budget plan as a sign of growing GOP unity.

  • UN climate report balances science and politics

    After racing against the clock in an all-night session, the U.N.'s expert panel on climate change was putting the final touches Saturday on a scientific guide to help governments, industries and regular people take action to stop global warming from reaching dangerous levels.

  • Alaska Senate passes capital budget

    The state Senate passed a $2.2 billion state capital budget Friday, along with a bill to raise the borrowing limit of the Alaska Municipal Bond Bank Authority as part of an overall package to help build a new heat and power plant at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

  • Pipeline owner seeks OK for pipeline abandonment

    Federal regulators have denied a request from American Midstream Partners to speed up consideration of its proposed abandonment of the Midla natural gas pipeline in Louisiana and Mississippi.

  • Michele Bachmann says she is 'going to different perch'

    Retiring U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann says she isn't going away, she's "just going to a different perch."

  • Rep. Elijah Cummings to appear on CBS' 'Face the Nation' Sunday

    The Maryland congressman has been under fire from Republican Rep. Darrell Issa over his handling of the IRS targeting scandal.

  • 'Obamacare' under attack at conservative gathering in New Hampshire

    President Obama's health care overhaul is coming under renewed attack as some of the nation's leading conservatives gather in New Hampshire for a summit that some consider the unofficial kickoff for the state's 2016 presidential selection process.

  • Obama reiterates call for equal pay for women

    President Obama is making his case for equal pay for women — a leading election-year issue for Democrats.

  • Finance officials confident of global growth

    Finance officials from the world's major economies believe an ambitious goal to boost global growth by $2 trillion in the next five years is within reach despite a variety of threats, including rising tensions over Russia's actions in Ukraine.

  • High fees eroding many 401(k) retirement accounts

    It's the silent enemy in our retirement accounts: High fees.

  • White House to Iran: No visa for UN envoy pick

    The White House says the U.S. has informed Iran that it will not issue a visa to Teheran's pick for envoy to the United Nations. It's the first time the White House has clarified the status of the controversial pick.

  • 'Kissing congressman' Vance McAllister rebuffs calls for his resignation

    Louisiana Rep. Vance McAllister stayed out of sight as calls grew louder from Republicans back home demanding the GOP congressman's resignation after he was caught on video kissing the wife of a friend.

  • Jeb Bush immigration remark could be 2016 problem

    With a single phrase of compassion for immigrants in the U.S. illegally, Jeb Bush has prompted questions about his viability as a potential presidential contender and underscored how divisive the immigration issue remains for the Republican Party.

  • HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius resigning after rocky health care law rollout

    A White House official says Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is resigning from the Obama administration. Sebelius' resignation could set the stage for a contentious election-year confirmation hearing for whomever Obama nominates to replace her. Sebelius has served as HHS...

  • Woman throws shoe at Hillary Clinton during Las Vegas speech

    A woman was taken into custody after throwing what she described as a shoe at Hillary Clinton during a Las Vegas speech. Clinton ducked but did not appear to be hit by the object, and then joked about the incident.

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