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  • Report: Government files lacking for $6 billion in contracts

    A government investigation has found that the State Department has incomplete files or is missing files for more than $6 billion in contracts over the last six years.

  • Angry families want GM prosecuted for defects

    The families of those who died in General Motors cars with defective ignition switches want prosecutors to go after GM insiders responsible for letting the problems fester for more than decade — and perhaps for covering them up. "The only way the public is going to be protected from this...

  • Obama plans to attend Fort Hood service Wednesday

    A White House aide says President Obama plans to attend a memorial service Wednesday at Fort Hood — the site of last week's shooting rampage. A Fort Hood spokesman confirms there will be a remembrance ceremony that day, and presidential adviser Dan Pfeiffer tells CBS' "Face the Nation" that...

  • Obama actions test workplace ideas

    Lacking congressional support to raise wages or end gender pay disparities, President Obama is again imposing his policies on federal contractors, in keeping with presidents' tradition of exerting their powers on a fraction of the economy they directly control.

  • US sending 2 warships to Japan to counter North Korea

    In unusually forceful remarks about China, Hagel drew a direct line between Russia's takeover of Ukraine's Crimea region and the ongoing territorial disputes between China, Japan and others over remote islands in the East China Sea.

  • Rallies in cities across US decrying deportation

    PHOENIX — Immigration advocates and supporters rallied Saturday in cities across the country in a renewed effort to push President Obama to put a freeze on deportations. Organizers of the more than 50 planned "Day of Action" demonstrations said Obama has the executive power to stop...

  • Maryland House OKs marijuana decriminalization bill

    The Maryland House of Delegates has voted to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana.

  • Indiana official's global warming comment draws fire

    Indiana's top official in charge of improving the state's air quality has angered some of his staff with a remark expressing skepticism about global warming.

  • West Virginia gas pipeline explodes, no injuries reported

    Six homes were evacuated in Marshall County after a 12-inch gas pipeline exploded.

  • Suit over deadly drone strikes is tossed by judge

    A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit against Obama administration officials for the 2011 drone-strike killings of three U.S. citizens in Yemen, including an al-Qaeda cleric.

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  • Through a Google Glass, Darkly

    “Just because something bears the aspect of the inevitable one should not, therefore, go along willingly with it.” ​—​Philip K. Dick

  • 2014 ≠ 2016

    Polls are overrated, but they can be still instructive. So what’s to be learned from a Fox News survey of 1,012 registered voters conducted April 13-15? 

  • As Goes North Carolina

    Raleigh, N.C.  To win the Senate, Republicans must win North Carolina. While it’s mathematically possible to take the Senate without ousting Democratic senator Kay Hagan, the chances of that...