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  • Permanent Fund tops $50B threshold

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — The Alaska Permanent Fund ended the fiscal year with a value of $51.2 billion. Officials say in a release it's the first time that the fund, which provides the annual oil-wealth checks to the state's residents, has topped the $50 billion mark. The rise was attributed...

  • Obama signs $10.8 billion highway funding bill

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama has signed into law $10.8 billion in temporary funding for highway and transit construction. The bill the White House says Obama signed Friday will keep the Highway Trust Fund solvent through May, when lawmakers will again be challenged to come up with...

  • California spends big on housing, little on energy

    SAN DIEGO (AP) — California consumers rank among the nation's biggest spenders on housing and the lowest spenders on energy, according to new government data. Per-capita spending on housing and utilities totaled $8,650 in 2012, which is sixth-highest in the country and well above the national...

  • Oil boom and housing bust alter US spending trends

    WASHINGTON (AP) — North Dakotans, enriched by an oil boom, stepped up their spending at triple the national pace in the three years that followed the Great Recession. In Nevada, smacked hard by the housing bust, consumers barely increased their spending. Americans spend the most, per person, on...

  • A high-speed train wreck for Obama and liberalism

    Few of President Obama's initiatives are more emblematic of his early ambitions to be a transformational liberal leader than his vision for connecting the nation with a vast high-speed rail network.

  • What happened to $619 billion? Don't ask the federal government

    Federal agencies failed to account for $619 billion in grants and loans by not reporting the spending at all or reporting it incorrectly or late, according to an internal government watchdog.

  • Detroit mayor announces water bill collection plan

    DETROIT (AP) — Facing international criticism for mass water shutoffs aimed at resolving millions of dollars' worth of unpaid bills, Detroit's mayor announced Thursday the bankrupt city will offer affordable, consistent payment plans and financial assistance to many delinquent customers. Mayor...

  • Twenty-one states will get millions to repair roads damaged by storms

    The Transportation Department on Thursday announced almost $334 million in emergency funds to help 21 states repair roads and bridges damaged by storms, floods and other unexpected emergencies.

  • You're better off than the average American if you can come up with this much cash

    If you have $400 to spare, count yourself lucky: Half of Americans would have trouble raising that amount in an emergency, according to a new report that suggests that many U.S. families face surprising financial difficulties.

  • Fannie, Freddie post profits in 2Q; pay dividends

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Government-controlled mortgage companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac posted profits for the April-June period as the U.S. housing market continued to recover. Gains in recent years have enabled them to fully repay their government aid after being rescued during the financial...

  • Fannie Mae earns $3.7B in 2Q; paying $3.7B to US

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Fannie Mae is reporting net income of $3.7 billion from April through June as the housing market continued to recover. Though the government-controlled mortgage giant reported its 10th straight profitable quarter Thursday, the second-quarter profit was down 63 percent from...

  • If the government doesn't know how much it spends or how much it owes, how can it know anything?

    Tax revenues are climbing, but the debt is out of control and nobody knows for sure how much the bureaucrats are actually spending.

  • Obama reviewing options on corporate tax loophole

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama said Wednesday that the administration is reviewing what authority he has to act without Congress to stop American companies from reincorporating overseas to avoid paying billions of dollars in taxes, a practice he has denounced as unpatriotic and has...

  • Obama's spending cuts put a squeeze on developing new military technology

    The Air Force, Navy and Army all face the same problem. You can't do more with less: you can only do less with less.

  • Joe Biden is mad Congress won't pass something Obama opposes

    Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday ripped into congressional Republicans for not passing a gas tax increase to shore up the Highway Trust Fund. The only problem? The White House doesn't support a gas tax increase, either.

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