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  • Public must keep spotlight on Veterans Affairs scandal: Examiner Editorial

    When a government scandal explodes, the proliferating revelations can quickly become overwhelming, causing the public to disengage. In the case of the rapidly widening controversy at the Department of Veterans' Affairs, Americans must not let this happen.

  • The rich Clintons really aren't like the rest of us: Examiner Editorial

    Former Secretary of State and presumptive 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was challenged in an interview published over the weekend by the British Guardian newspaper to establish her credibility -- as a multi-millionaire -- on the issue of income inequality. Clinton...

  • Examiner Editorial: Why some Democrats would like to limit congressional oversight

    Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray was in the headlines again last week, this time because one of his senior executives tried to prevent a whistle blower from delivering stunning testimony describing what may well be the most hostile workplace for minority employees in...

  • Examiner Editorial: Admit it, greens --- renewables can't power U.S. economy

    Big Green activists have taken their crusade against hydraulic fracturing to a number of state capitols for the same reason they oppose the Keystone XL pipeline. They want the fossil fuels that power the U.S. economy to remain in the ground, untapped.

  • Examiner Editorial: Redskins' Dan Snyder should tell the PC bullies to shove it

    There may be hope that common sense and courage are making a comeback in the nation's capital. How else to explain the appearance of this statement in the Washington Post: “For some people, the word 'Redskins' has lost all of its vicious old meaning and represents their beloved Sonny Jurgensen...

  • Examiner Editorial: To end flood of illegal kids, blacklist their parents

    A flood of unaccompanied children is swamping America's southern border with Mexico in alarming numbers, creating a humanitarian crisis that has no precedent in that region.

  • Examiner Editorial: House GOP leadership votes may decide 2014 election

    House Republicans are set to choose a new majority leader and majority whip Thursday and the outcome of their votes is likely to shape the party's prospects for retaking the Senate in November. If Republicans regain control of the Senate, President Obama's agenda will be dead in the water for...

  • Fracking raises worker salaries and cuts costs for states: Examiner Editorial

    With little and at times fabricated evidence, Big Green activists and their supporters in government have worked hard to undermine the energy revolution underway in the U.S. Exploiting fear and ignorance, they seek to convince Americans that the current natural gas boom propping up the country's...

  • Examiner Editorial: Federal agency can't hide exploding cost of refurbishing its HQ

    Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray evidently is feeling unfamiliar heat after resorting to a disreputable form of sophistry as a substitute for honest discussion and debate. During a June 10 hearing of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, for...

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