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  • Food fight: Cafeteria workers say kids don't want Michelle Obama's lunches, sales down in 49 states

    School cafeteria workers slapped as "offensive" the first lady's latest criticism that some school districts have given up and are just lazily serving junk food.

  • Are teachers underpaid? Let's find out

    A teacher in South Dakota with a bachelor's degree and 10 years of experience earns $33,600 per year, which is less than the average auto repair worker.

  • Teachers union sues to prevent expansion of privately-funded voucher program

    In an impressive display of "we don't care how this looks," the Florida Education Association has sued the Sunshine State to prevent students from receiving more state-managed, privately-funded scholarships, including a new scholarship program for disabled students.

  • Va. to join higher ed distance learning agreement

    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Virginia higher education officials are working to make it easier for students to take online classes and for universities to offer them. The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia voted this week to join a multi-state reciprocity agreement that deals with...

  • Gov. Cuomo signs kindergarten legislation

    ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signed legislation allowing the school boards in Buffalo and Utica to require kindergarten attendance of children beginning at five years old. Current state law does not require school attendance until age six. The requirement does not apply to...

  • Texas needs extra year for new teacher evaluations

    AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas will need an extra year to unveil a new teacher evaluation system that's required as the state seeks relief from some curriculum standards mandated by No Child Left Behind. State Education Commissioner Michael Williams wrote the U.S. Education Department on...

  • Do blacks need favors?

    Earlier this month, the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act was celebrated.

  • Students run research project from the bottoms up

    FARGO, N.D. (AP) — A group of Columbia University MBA students touring the country this summer to help small businesses improve their products chose a Fargo company partly because they liked the brand and partly because they could do their research in a tap room. Nothing says more about a...

  • Tom Corbett seeks to change view of education record

    Since 2011, Pennsylvania Democrats have pointed to the budget-balancing cuts in education aid that GOP Gov. Tom Corbett signed six months into office. And there's evidence voters are listening: A recent independent voter poll found that the single biggest factor behind voter disapproval of...

  • Education board OKs paid trips to charter schools

    AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A board with veto power over new charter schools in Texas voted unanimously Friday to allow its members to take privately-funded trips to see such schools in other states, even though critics contend it could lead to junkets and conflicts of interest. The "fact-finding...

  • First lady: Healthy food has place in lunchrooms

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Michelle Obama said Friday that 54 junior cooks who won a contest to make healthier yet tasty meals show the nation's schools can also turn out nutritious food that kids will actually eat. One kid chef from each state, the District of Columbia and three U.S. territories were...

  • Deion Sanders: 'It's time' for school choice, charter schools

    Prominent African American celebrities are urging governments to adopt school choice to give kids stuck in poor inner city schools a chance at the fame and fortune they have had.

  • California school district sows seeds of Holocaust denial in eighth-graders

    Essays written by eighth-graders in California's Rialto Unified School District denying the Holocaust suggest that school officials misled the public about the assignment after it became the subject of controversy.

  • Teachers union ally unleashes sexist attack on education reformer

    Diane Ravitch, a blogger, former assistant education secretary and research professor at New York University's Steinhardt School, does not like former CNN anchor and proponent of education reform Campbell Brown's take on teacher tenure.

  • Madigan suing student loan debt repayment companies

    CHICAGO (Legal Newsline) – Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan filed lawsuits on Monday against two student loan debt repayment companies that allegedly charged large upfront fees for bogus services. The Chicago-based First American Tax Defense LLC and the Frisco, Texas-based...

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