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  • 88 Nigerian soldiers accused of refusing to fight

    ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) — A court-martial is accusing 16 Nigerian officers and 72 rank-and-file troops of a string of charges from cowardice to refusing to fight in the country's northeastern Islamic uprising. Thursday's mass trial comes two weeks after 12 soldiers were sentenced to death by firing...

  • Raw: Philippines Rally for Hong Kong Protesters

    A group of Filipinos on Thursday expressed support for the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong, saying Beijing should not use force to stop the protests in the global financial hub. (Oct. 2) SHOTLIST: AP TELEVISION - AP CLIENTS ONLY Manila, Philippines - October 2, 2014 1. Various of...

  • Faceoff in Hong Kong: 3 sides, all with options

    HONG KONG (AP) — Tens of thousands of protesters filled the streets of Hong Kong and crowds of students blocked the entrances to government headquarters Thursday as midnight approached — the deadline protest leaders had set for the resignation of the city's chief executive. Tensions could...

  • Judge dismisses lawsuit against Maine newsletter

    PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — A federal judge has dismissed a defamation lawsuit brought by Pan Am Railways and its former president against a small Maine-based industry newsletter. The lawsuit filed in 2011 in U.S. District Court in Portland against Chalmers "Chop" Hardenbergh and his Atlantic...

  • Dallas officer fired; drove by woman seeking help

    DALLAS (AP) — A Dallas officer has been fired after driving past a woman who pleaded for help as her two children were taken by their father who was later killed by police. Chief David Brown on Wednesday fired Sr. Cpl. Leslie Richardson, who'd been with the force 28 years. Richardson on Aug....

  • Police: Dallas officer shoots at, stuns suspect

    DALLAS (AP) — Dallas police say an officer has shot at a robbery suspect who he later subdued using a Taser. Police say the suspect fled into the woods after an officer responded to a robbery report Wednesday night at a Family Dollar store in Dallas. Deputy Chief Gil Garza tells The Dallas...

  • D.C. workers collect unemployment payments while on city payroll, IG finds

    The DC Department of Employment Services cannot show it has done much to ensure city employees stop collecting unemployment insurance payments once they get hired, according to a report issued Tuesday.

  • Your stories from the Washington Examiner

    Scroll down for the latest from the Washington Examiner: » Is Christie's RGA path a road map to the White House? A review of Christie’s travel on behalf of the RGA shows that he has spent less time in some of the nine states deemed most competitive by the association than he has in states...

  • Presidents should salute Marines out of respect, not obligation

    I watched the video of President Obama and his dismissive salute. Here is what I would like to say, no longer as the wife of an HMX Marine, but as his widow.

  • Feds paid for fighting fake fires

    Federal employees working for a Bureau of Land Management program designed to fight wildfires logged hours for fighting conflagrations that hadn't yet started and bought hundreds of thousands of dollars in gift cards using government funds, a government watchdog reports.

  • Confronting radical Islam at home

    This discussion is an important one to have —" not to find a scapegoat, but to understand root causes and uproot them.

  • Is Christie's RGA path a road map to the White House?

    A review of Christie’s travel on behalf of the RGA shows that he has spent less time in some of the nine states deemed most competitive by the association than he has in states pivotal to winning a presidential primary.

  • Secret Service overlooked agents' deceit

    The Secret Service regularly overlooked examples of agents lying in order to avoid undermining their credibility in court, sources say. The practice allowed agents to continue testifying in court against assailants or potential threats to the president, according to two sources familiar with...

  • Rhode Island GOP files FEC complaint against Dem gubernatorial candidate

    The Rhode Island Republican Party filed a complaint with the state's Board of Elections this week, alleging that Democratic gubernatorial nominee Gina Raimondo violated campaign finance law by coordinating with Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., to star in a pricey election ad.

  • Obama's economic struggle: Convincing voters wage increases are coming

    Obama faces a major challenge in communicating that the economy is on an upward trajectory: Most families' incomes are barely growing, if they're growing at all.

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