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  • VIDEO: House committee looks to combat child sex trafficking

    Child trafficking is an increasing problem in the United States. The House Committee on Education and the Workforce held a hearing Tuesday to discuss potential solutions to stop these tragic crimes.

  • Advisor: Obama, NSA use Internet to silence critics like Tea Party

    The administration is targeting critics online with an even more aggressive campaign than J. Edgar Hoover used against his enemies, says a prominent financial advisor.

  • Secrecy, the no-fly list and concealed weapons

    It's a classic Orwellian nightmare: The government decides to deny you a right it extends to other people, but it won't tell you why and it won't tell you what you can do about it. You're stuck in purgatory, effectively convicted without being tried -- or even being told the charge against you.

  • NY state senator indicted; accused of lying to FBI

    WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (AP) — Top ranking New York state Sen. Thomas Libous pleaded not guilty Tuesday to a charge that he lied to the FBI about using his position to arrange a legal job and an inflated salary for his son. An indictment unsealed Tuesday alleges that the Binghamton Republican...

  • FBI: Children rescued in sex-trafficking crackdown

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Nearly 170 victims of child sex trafficking, many of whom had never been reported missing, were rescued in the last week as part of an annual nationwide crackdown, the FBI said Monday. Besides the 168 children rescued from the sex trade, 281 pimps were arrested during the...

  • Senate passes bill aimed at cutting wait times for VA patients

    Responding to public outrage over reports of widespread mismanagement at Veterans Affairs hospitals nationwide, the Senate on Wednesday passed legislation with overwhelming bipartisan support that would make it easier for veterans to receive VA-paid treatment from private doctors. The bill,...

  • Official: FBI asked to investigate Veterans Affairs health care

    The Justice Department has formally asked the FBI to review materials provided by the Veterans Affairs inspector general, a U.S. law enforcement official said Wednesday.

  • IRS sent 'massive' database of tax exempt groups to FBI weeks before 2010 election

    Internal Revenue Service officials sent the Federal Bureau of Investigation a "massive" database listing of tax exempt organizations just a few weeks before the November 2010 elections, House investigators announced Monday. Oversight and Government Reform Chairmen Darrell Issa, R-Calif., and...

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