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  • Michelle Obama cameo in 'Funny or Die' video showing kids dying from candy

    First lady Michelle Obama has taken her kid health campaign to a new level, appearing in a "Funny or Die" video that shows teens gorging on candy and junk food -- and then dying -- before a heroine in the mode of the Hunger Games' Jennifer Lawrence appears to save the day.

  • Obama addresses West Africans on facts about Ebola

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama urged West Africans on Tuesday to wear gloves and masks when caring for Ebola patients or burying anyone who died of the disease. He also discouraged the traditional burial practice of directly touching the body of someone who died of Ebola, which is one...

  • Marijuana's hazy contribution to highway deaths

    WASHINGTON (AP) — New York teenager Joseph Beer smoked marijuana, climbed into a Subaru Impreza with four friends and drove more than 100 mph before losing control. The car crashed into trees with such force that the vehicle split in half, killing his friends. Beer, who was 17 in October 2012...

  • VIDEO: U.S. Ebola patients discharged from hospital

    A second American who contracted the Ebola virus while working in Liberia was discharged from an Atlanta hospital Thursday after fully recovering.

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