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  • White House says photo ops have some value, after all

    The top White House spokesman on Friday tried to staunch a torrent of snarky commentary this week poking fun at President Obama's assertion that he wasn't interested in a border “photo op."

  • House chairman: $3.7B border request 'too much'

    WASHINGTON (AP) — A key Republican said Friday that President Barack Obama's multibillion-dollar emergency request for the border is too big to get through the House, as a growing number of Democrats rejected policy changes Republicans are demanding as their price for approving any money. The...

  • Migrant boy's body arrives back in Guatemala

    GUATEMALA CITY (AP) — The body of a 15-year-old migrant was brought home Friday, nearly a month after he died in the hot, dry brushland of southern Texas and became a symbol for the perils facing unaccompanied children who have been flooding illegally into the U.S. The remains of Gilberto...

  • US border effort sputters as migrants cross again

    MEXICALI, Mexico (AP) — A U.S. effort to discourage immigrants' repeated attempts to enter the country illegally by dropping them back in Mexico hundreds of miles away from where they were caught has been sharply scaled back after producing relatively modest gains. U.S. authorities insist the...

  • Weekly Examiner: Immigration takes center stage

    The Washington Examiner Weekly Examiner is a round up of the week's top stories.

  • Obama takes his trademark 'the science is settled' approach to immigration reform

    President Obama is fond of writing off critics of so-called "global climate change" as "flat-earthers" who deny "settled science."

  • House Republicans think Obama's border plan is too spendy

    House Republicans are on track to approve emergency funds to address the immigration crisis at the southern border, but the legislation is unlikely to look anything like the $3.7 billion package being requested by President Obama.

  • Obama the problem creator

    Only if we understand that Wednesday was "Opposite Day" can we comprehend President Obama's bizarre remarks in Texas concerning our border crisis.

  • The Democrats rebrand themselves as the party of cheap labor for billionaires

    While President Obama was busy this week playing pool, eating barbecue and raising millions of dollars for Democrats (what the White House refers to as "doing his job"), shadow president Valerie Jarrett was standing up for the latest victims of Republican obstructionism.

  • The reason that thousands of Central American children are crossing the border

    Economists say the current wave of illegal immigration from Central America was predictable, to an extent, and for different reasons than the migrants might identify.

  • White House stands by claim that border security is stronger than ever

    The administration says the statement is true despite the estimated 52,000 unattended children who have crossed the southwest border so far this year and the roughly 90,000 expected by fall. Both obama supporters and critics cite statistics backing up their cases.

  • Faster deportations? A possible border crisis deal

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Outlines of a possible compromise that would more quickly deport minors arriving from Central America emerged Thursday as part of President Barack Obama's $3.7 billion emergency request to address the immigration crisis on the nation's southern border. Republicans demanded...

  • Rep. Jim Bridenstine says he'll abide by immigration facility restrictions the same way President Obama treats laws: as suggestions

    "What are they trying to hide?" the Oklahoma Republican asked in a recent Facebook post. He's criticized HHS for restrictions on media touring Fort Sill's immigrant holding facilities.

  • Don't let nativism cloud the immigration debate

    Anti-immigration hardliners are blaming the surge of minors -- 90,000 alone this year, a five-fold increase from 2011 -- on America's lenient deportation policies and the prospect of "amnesty." The reality is more complicated.

  • VIDEO: Border funding could run out this summer

    At a hearing Thursday, Sec. of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson called the president's $3.7 billion emergency request "absolutely essential." Without it, he says, key border funding could run out by mid-August.

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