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  • John Boehner: Send the National Guard to secure U.S.-Mexico border

    House Speaker John Boehner called on President Obama to send the National Guard to the U.S.-Mexico border to help push back a surge of illegal immigrants -- many of them children -- from Central America.

  • How Kevin McCarthy's new job could make John Boehner's harder

    The election of Rep. Kevin McCarthy as the new House majority leader has failed to extinguish the rumblings of discontent by far-right lawmakers that could lead to an effort to oust House Speaker John Boehner in January.

  • House conservatives should also be held responsible for leadership fiasco

    For good reason, conservatives lamented the fact that House Republicans on Thursday voted to replace Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., as majority leader with his hand picked successor, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif.

  • Obama to talk Iraq with Hill leaders

    President Obama will meet with Democratic and Republican congressional leaders at the White House Wednesday to discuss the uprisings in Iraq and other foreign policy issues.

  • How Eric Cantor's loss leaves the GOP with an uncertain future

    Less than 24 hours after House Majority Leader Eric Cantor got ambushed in a GOP primary, shell-shocked Republicans gathered in the basement of the U.S. Capitol. The Virginia Republican gave a short speech, saying he would give up his leadership post at the end of July. Then the man he was...

  • GOP presses Obama: Urgent action needed in Iraq

    Republicans on Friday blamed President Obama for the country's unraveling over the last week and pressed him to move more quickly to make a decision about military action or assistance in Iraq. Sen. John Boehner, R-Ohio, who earlier accused Obama of “taking a nap” while conditions...

  • Eric Cantor just got creamed for being out of touch, so he gets to anoint his successor as majority leader?

    All signs point to California Rep. Kevin McCarthy as successor to Virginia's Eric Cantor as House majority leader next week when the Republican conference votes. On Wednesday, as he came to grips with his shocking congressional primary loss to Randolph-Macon College Economics Professor Dave...

  • Eric Cantor spent too much --- and talked too tough

    Former House Speaker Tip O'Neill, a Massachusetts Democrat, learned a saying from his father that has since saturated American politics with its blunt, simple truth: “All politics is local.”

  • John Boehner: Obama 'taking a nap' as Iraq falls

    House Speaker John Boehner slammed President Obama Thursday morning, for failing to respond to an offensive by Islamist militants in Iraq. "It's not like we haven't seen this problem coming for over a year" Boehner said. Islamic militants have waged a brutal insurgency against the Iraqi...

  • House Republicans haven't had a leadership shake-up like this in a decade

    It’s been nearly a decade since a House majority leader stepped down, but it could happen this afternoon. That's when House Republicans will huddle in an emergency meeting in the Capitol basement to determine the fate of their majority leader, Rep. Eric Cantor, who lost his GOP primary in...

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