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  • At CPAC, 2016 underdogs get their chance to shine

    Two years ago, Texas Gov. Rick Perry became a national laughingstock and effectively forfeited his presidential campaign when he flubbed an answer in a Republican debate with one unforgettable word. “Oops.” But, on Friday, Perry was confident and energized. He was here for redemption....

  • Parade of potential 2016 GOP presidential candidates address CPAC

    On the opening day of the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference, activists heard from a parade of Republicans often touted as potential presidential candidates in 2016: Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio; Govs. Chris Christie and Bobby Jindal; and Rep. Paul Ryan. Though nothing said on...

  • Marco Rubio gets a hero's welcome at CPAC

    Did Sen. Marco Rubio irretrievably damage his presidential prospects by supporting an immigration bill opposed by many Republican primary voters? The Tea Party disliked the bill, but Rubio still received a hero's welcome at CPAC.

  • America needs greater involvement in the world, Marco Rubio tells 'young people'

    Sen. Marco Rubio delivered foreign policy remarks targeted at the younger attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference, hyping the idea of American exceptionalism and pledging that it was possible to make this the "new American century." Rubio on Thursday was explicit about...

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