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  • Obama sips tea, not coffee

    President Obama is an anomaly in a town that runs on coffee. Apparently, he gets his caffeine fix from tea instead.

  • Report: Baby boomers have nation's highest obesity rate

    The nation is getting fatter according to a new study that found obesity rates climbing in six states, remaining steady in all of the rest, and ballooning among the aging Baby Boom population.

  • Kirk fundraises off Michelle Obama

    "I'm not one to believe rumors or engage in political gossip, but when it comes to defending the Illinois Senate seat that I'm honored to hold, I take all potential threats seriously," the Republican wrote in a Sept. 5 fundraising letter.

  • Michelle Obama will campaign for Bruce Braley

    As President Obama faces career-low approval ratings, Michelle Obama remains quite popular -- and she is in high demand by Democratic campaigns, even in Republican-leaning states.

  • Salt high: School lunches dish 26% of a kid's daily sodium intake

    First fatty foods, then sugary drinks, now President Obama's food police are gunning for salt in their effort to upend the typical kiddy diet.

  • Michelle Obama stumps for Georgia candidate

    Obama spoke to a crowd of several hundred largely African-American supporters at Atlanta's Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center. She urged them to be "more passionate and more hungry" in the 2014 midterm election races than in 2008 and 2012 presidential races, according to the Wall Street...

  • Michelle Obama cameo in 'Funny or Die' video showing kids dying from candy

    First lady Michelle Obama has taken her kid health campaign to a new level, appearing in a "Funny or Die" video that shows teens gorging on candy and junk food -- and then dying -- before a heroine in the mode of the Hunger Games' Jennifer Lawrence appears to save the day.

  • CDC: 76% of fat kids think they're 'about right,' fueling their obesity

    Nearly eight in 10 obese American children believe that their weight is "about right," leading them to continue their bad habits that are contributing to their obesity, said the CDC.

  • Obama heartbroken over St. Louis teen's death, doesn't condemn rioters

    President Obama said that he and the first lady were saddened by the “heartbreaking” shooting death of St. Louis black teen Michael Brown, but he didn’t condemn angry rioters in and around the north St. Louis County town of Ferguson, where the shooting occurred last weekend.

  • Fox co-hosts fight over Michelle Obama's 'booty'

    Fox contributing doctor says that first lady Michelle Obama should "drop a few" before talking about diet and nutrition.

  • White House blog omits Obama vacation for 4 straight days

    The official White House blog has yet to mention that President Obama is on vacation, now in its fourth day.

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  • A Conversation With Peter Thiel

    Peter Thiel, the author of  Zero to One, Notes on StartUps, or How to Build the Future , is on the latest episode of Conversations with Bill Kristol :

  • Where Does Rand Stand?

    Manchester, N.H. Rand Paul's views on war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria continue to evolve. Speaking to reporters on the campaign trail Friday afternoon, the Kentucky senator...

  • ‘American Leadership at Its Best’

    In his September 10 speech to the nation, President Obama said, “This is American leadership at its best: We stand with people who fight for their own freedom; and we rally other nations on behalf...