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  • Chuck Hagel says Pentagon must get troops to act morally to prevent sexual assaults

    Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told reporters that servicemembers must be convinced to act morally, rather than just within the bounds of the law, to combat sexual assault in the military.

  • In a first, France tackles sex assault in military

    PARIS (AP) — France claims great success in recruiting women into its armed forces, boasting one of the world's highest percentages of women in uniform. What it hasn't done is work to prevent sexual assault and harassment once they get there. That is about to change. Defense Minister...

  • New corps of military lawyers help rape victims

    By providing independent attorneys, the military hopes the Special Victims Counsel will help support victims become more resilient and navigate them through complex procedures within the military justice system.

  • Army general fined, reprimanded in sex case

    FORT BRAGG, N.C. — An Army general avoided jail time and was reprimanded and fined a total of $20,000 for inappropriate relationships with three subordinates in a closely watched court case. Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair smiled and hugged his two lawyers in the courtroom Thursday morning after...

  • Naval Academy sexual assault case enters Day 2

    A woman at the center of a sexual assault case involving a former U.S. Naval Academy football player was expected to take the stand for a second day Wednesday at the man's court-martial, a day after she testified he had told her they had sex, though she doesn't remember it after a night of drinking.

  • 2nd day of sentencing in US Army general sex case

    Lawyers for an Army general who admitted to emotionally harming a subordinate during a three-year affair will argue Tuesday that he shouldn't face jail time for a crime for which civilians wouldn't be prosecuted.

  • Naval Academy sexual assault case to begin Tuesday

    The military trial of a former U.S. Naval Academy football player accused of sexually assaulting a classmate is scheduled to begin after a daylong weather delay.

  • New hearing set Monday in Army general's sex case

    The case of an Army general accused of sexually assaulting a female captain under his command is set to return to a Fort Bragg courtroom less than a week after proceedings were postponed to allow time for a possible plea agreement.

  • Senate passes bill aimed at curbing military sexual assault

    The Senate unanimously passed legislation Monday evening designed to curb sexual assault in the military, including ending the longstanding "good soldier" defense used to raise doubts that a crime has been committed.

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