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  • Canadian oil sands project shelved over lack of pipelines, rising costs

    Shelving the proposed multibillion-dollar Corner oil sands project in Alberta, Canada, for three years will cost 70 people their jobs, Statoil Canada said.

  • EEOC files first transgender-discrimination lawsuits

    The EEOC accused both companies of firing long-standing employees after they came out as transgender and informed the company that would soon begin to dress as the opposite sex at work.

  • Hot-tubbing GSA official indicted over lavish trips

    A San Francisco grand jury has indicted a former General Services Administration official whose lavish trips on the taxpayer's dime and whose image relaxing in a hot tub in 2012 became a symbol of government fraud and abuse.

  • Changed Senate rule eases way for Holder successor

    Democratic changes to the filibuster last year should give President Obama's attorney general pick a gliding path through the Senate in the lame-duck session.

  • Rubio advises Obama on India

    "Unfortunately, the Obama administration has neglected the relationship and failed to build on the significant accomplishments of the George W. Bush administration in strengthening U.S.-India relations," Rubio wrote in an op-ed for the Daily Signal.

  • Skinny-dipping makes its way to Kansas House race

    Kansas GOP Rep. Kevin Yoder is getting hit with an ad criticizing him for "skinny-dipping on the job."

  • Deval Patrick: I will not be the next attorney general

    "That's an enormously important job, but it's not one for me right now," Patrick said at a campaign event in Hudson, Mass.

  • Audit shows Perry fund misused $200 million

    A new independent audit shows the Texas Enterprise Fund gave away nearly half of its $500 million "without a set evaluation process of a consistent criteria."

  • Obama's three Middle East foreign policies

    Earlier this week at the U.N., Obama appeared to have learned the hard way that his previous words and hopes for the region had little impact on shaping it.

  • Postal Service ordered to hire 9,000 more people

    The U.S. Postal Service must hire 9,000 employees over the next three months to staff regional part-time post offices as part of a settlement it negotiated with the American Postal Workers Union.

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