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  • Russian state media claim AP skews Putin coverage

    MOSCOW (AP) — Kremlin-controlled television channels criticized The Associated Press' international television service for cutting into its live feed of President Vladimir Putin's nearly four-hour call-in show to send footage from other developing news stories, including the attempted raid on...

  • U.S. ambassador suggests anti-Semitic leaflets designed to provoke violence in Ukraine

    Pro-Russian forces in Donetsk, Ukraine, have demanded that Jews register with the government they have set up there, the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine said, suggesting that the Russian forces want to provoke violence in the area. "Everything that we are hearing suggests that this is the real deal...

  • Putin's choice of words shed light on Ukraine

    MOSCOW (AP) — To understand Russian President Vladimir Putin's intentions in Ukraine, it helps to pay close attention to his choice of words and his reading of history. Here is what Putin had to say Thursday in a nationally televised call-in program: ___ LITTLE GREEN MEN For the first time,...

  • John Kerry: Parties agree on steps to de-escalate crisis in Ukraine

    Secretary of State John Kerry announced a tentative agreement with Russia on a path to de-escalate the crisis in Ukraine after a meeting between U.S., Russian, Ukrainian and European officials in Geneva Thursday. Kerry said Russia has agreed to refrain from violence and from encouraging...

  • Poland uneasy about Russian invasion after events in Ukraine

    Russian President Vladimir Putin's destabilization of Ukraine has reminded the Polish people that they can only ward off Russian aggression by strengthening their ties to NATO and their own military, Poland's defense minister said at the Pentagon Thursday.

  • Mitch McConnell wants U.S. to arm Ukraine

    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said Thursday that President Obama has yet to provide a “serious response” to Russian President Vladimir Putin's effort to “restore the empire,” and he suggested a good move would be to arm Ukraine.

  • Kerry: US will have 'no choice' but to impose further costs on Russia if Ukraine deal fails

    GENEVA (AP) — Kerry: US will have 'no choice' but to impose further costs on Russia if Ukraine deal fails.

  • US sending nonlethal aid to Ukraine military

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. will send medical supplies, helmets and other nonlethal aid to the Ukrainian military in response to Russia's "dangerously irresponsible" efforts to destabilize the country, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Thursday. Hagel told a Pentagon news conference that he...

  • U.S. sending non-lethal military aid to Ukraine

    The supplies will include medical aid, helmets, small fuel pumps, generators and tents, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said in a press briefing with Polish Defense Minister Tomasz Siemoniak.

  • Russia's foreign minister says top diplomats adopt a joint roadmap to ease tensions in Ukraine

    GENEVA (AP) — Russia's foreign minister says top diplomats adopt a joint roadmap to ease tensions in Ukraine.

  • Ukraine: More stringent border checks for Russians

    KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — Ukraine is introducing stringent checks for Russian citizens who want to cross the border into Ukraine. Russia's flagship Aeroflot warned its passengers on Thursday that Ukrainian officials told the airline that Russian men between 16 and 60 are now banned from entering...

  • John Kerry: Steps embraced to ease tensions in Ukraine

    Secretary of State John Kerry says diplomats from Russia, the United States, the European Union and Ukraine have agreed on a series of steps aimed at de-escalating violence in strife-ridden Ukraine.

  • Edward Snowden questions Vladimir Putin on surveillance policies

    MOSCOW (AP) — Several hours into Vladimir Putin's televised call-in show, one of the TV anchors interrupted viewers' questions to air what she said was a "sensational video" for the Russian president: a message from Edward Snowden. The American who leaked a vast trove of material from the...

  • John McCain: Obama lets 'bad people' fill U.S. void, says Jimmy Carter was better

    In some of his harshest comments about the administration's lackluster foreign policy to date, Sen. John McCain said that former President Jimmy Carter was tougher with U.S. foes than President Obama has been, and that America's credibility as world power has crumbled under Obama. McCain, the...

  • Edward Snowden asks Vladimir Putin about mass surveillance in Russia

    Edward Snowden, the leaker of National Security Agency documents, asked Russian President Vladimir Putin about whether Russia uses mass surveillance to spy on its citizens.

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