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  • Oklahoma House's top Democrat: No time for tax cut

    The top Democrat in the Oklahoma House said Thursday that legislators shouldn't cut the state income tax this year, citing declining revenue and critical public education and transportation needs.

  • Alderman: New arena might need regional sales tax

    MILWAUKEE (AP) — Seated at a table on the Milwaukee Bucks' home court, Peter Zehren looked around the BMO Harris Bradley Center on Thursday and acknowledged that the facilities look out of date. But the Milwaukee resident was firm when he said taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for an upgrade....

  • IRS audits less than 1 percent of big partnerships

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Internal Revenue Service audits fewer than 1 percent of large business partnerships, according to a government report released Tuesday. That means some of Wall Street's largest hedge funds and private equity firms are largely escaping close scrutiny by the IRS, said Sen....

  • UPMC wants city to bill subsidiaries for taxes

    PITTSBURGH (AP) — The city should send tax bills to subsidiaries of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center if officials really believe the hospital network shouldn't be a tax-exempt nonprofit, an attorney is arguing. That challenge was aired at an Allegheny County court hearing Wednesday...

  • Mitt Romney pays taxes, tells Harry Reid, 'It's how you get your paycheck'

    Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney may have lost in 2012, but he’s still trying to drive the GOP agenda and take shots at leading Democrats.

  • Philadelphia chocolate store closed over tax spat

    PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A popular Philadelphia chocolate maker and candy store has been shuttered by the city days before Easter. WPVI-TV ( said Wednesday the Department of Revenue revoked the business license of the Blasius Chocolate Factory in the city's Kensington...

  • Report: Progressive New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio paid 8.3 percent tax rate

    New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and first lady Chirlane McCray paid an 8.3 percent effective tax rate on $165,047 of total income in 2013, according to tax returns cited by the Wall Street Journal.

  • No, Warren Buffett isn't a hypocrite for paying low taxes

    Warren Buffett thinks his taxes should be higher. An understandable response is "so, pay more in taxes, Mr. Buffett." Some conservatives, in fact, call Buffett a hypocrite for not voluntarily paying a higher rate than his secretary.

  • Study finds lowering corporate income tax would boost workers' wages

    A study released Tuesday by the Tax Analysis Center found that significantly reducing the corporate tax rate would also boost wages for workers and the economy overall. This could be done on a revenue-neutral basis by reducing the U.S. rate from its current 35 percent to just nine and...

  • France's Thomas Piketty could be the Left's version of anti-debt Carmen Reinhart-Kenneth Rogoff

    Thomas Piketty is worried that advanced countries like the United States are headed toward a future in which the wealthy grow ever richer while economic growth stagnates, and he believes that something must be done to prevent this “patrimonial capitalism” from taking hold.

  • Union fights push to hire private tax collectors

    A public employees union is fighting a bipartisan effort in Congress to force the Internal Revenue Service to hire private contractors to collect some delinquent taxes.

  • Senate rejects revival of Grand Canyon U tax break

    PHOENIX (AP) — The Arizona Senate on Tuesday narrowly rejected an effort to revive a proposal granting a private Christian university a major break on its property taxes. Grand Canyon University wants its property reclassified into a much lower rate that would save it about $750,000 a year on...

  • 5 Things to Know about Tax Day

    The deadline for filing taxes is midnight Tuesday. Here are five things to consider as the deadline nears. 1. YOU MAY NOT FACE MUCH OF A DEADLINE If you're due a refund — and about three-quarters of filers typically are — missing the April 15 deadline will not get you in trouble. Penalties...

  • 13 tax deductions you never knew existed

    It's tax day! And if you waited until today to file, these weird deductions might be helpful. Or you might not want to deal with them and just get your taxes done as fast as possible. Whatever floats your boat.

  • Union fights push to hire private tax collectors

    WASHINGTON (AP) — A public employees union is fighting a bipartisan effort in Congress to force the Internal Revenue Service to hire private contractors to collect some delinquent taxes. The IRS stopped using private tax collectors in 2009 after determining that agency employees could do a...

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