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  • Tea Party member Mark Fisher seeks Mass. primary spot

    Mark Fisher makes no apologies for being a Tea Party member or for his belief in a minimalist government even while running for office in a state where many Republicans prefer to stay closer to the political center.

  • One of the Tea Party's biggest problems is the Republican establishment

    It's with mixed reviews that the Tea Party is celebrating the fifth anniversary of its emergence onto the nation's political scene.

  • Grassroots super PACs are mostly Tea Partiers

    You're familiar, I'm sure, with the liberal argument that the Tea Party is not a real grassroots phenomenon, but is instead the plaything of plutocrats.

  • Tense exchange between Darrell Issa, Elijah Cummings after Lois Lerner-IRS hearing

    House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa on Wednesday abruptly adjourned a hearing over the IRS' targeting of conservative groups after former agency official Lois Lerner refused to answer his questions. Issa had called the hearing to hear testimony from Lerner, who headed the IRS...

  • Obama charged with blocking IRS probe, breaking promises to help

    A House chairman probing the IRS scandal on Wednesday said that President Obama has reneged on a promise to have his aides cooperate with the investigation, forcing the Ways and Means Committee to conduct a dragnet for emails and documents needed to smoke out the truth. Rep. Dave Camp also...

  • It's time to bring back remedies for bureaucratic abuse

    Noted constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley recently testified before the House Judiciary Committee, saying, “we are in the midst of a constitutional crisis with sweeping implications for our system of government.”

  • Unlikely GOP tax plan the result of changing politics

    The tax reform plan from Michigan Rep. Dave Camp was unimaginable as a Republican document just a few years ago, the result of a shifting political landscape that has seen the triumph of President Obama's tax message and the influence of conservative populism. The House Ways and Means...

  • Whatever its faults, the Tea Party identified the right target

    It's been five years since Rick Santelli's CNBC "rant that shook the world" helped give rise to the Tea Party movement.

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