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  • Al-Qaida urges abducted man's family to press US

    CAIRO (AP) — Al-Qaida urged the family of an American aid worker it abducted in Pakistan three years ago to demand that the U.S. government negotiate a prisoner exchange for his release. Warren Weinstein was abducted in August 2011, four days before his seven-year stint as a business...

  • Obama: The Iraq 'bug out' was not my idea

    After our ill-advised complete withdrawal from Iraq in 2011, President Obama now sends hundreds of "advisors" and orders airstrikes.

  • US victims' lawyer: Arab Bank financed terrorists

    NEW YORK (AP) — A large Jordan-based bank funneled tens of millions of dollars to the families of suicide bombers and terrorist operatives with ties to Hamas during a deadly Palestinian uprising from 2001 to 2004, lawyers for American terror victims said Thursday at a federal trial in Brooklyn....

  • Islamic State's murderous excess is the road to its demise

    The astonishing success of Islamic State's military and media offensive is also the key to its downfall.

  • A way forward to end the evil incarnate of the Islamic State in Iraq: Examiner Editorial

    The president seems to be ignoring an obvious solution to the Islamic State and their crimes against humanity.

  • Whatever it takes to defeat the Islamic State must be done now

    Just as early diagnosis and treatment enhances survival from a life-threatening disease, so does confronting terrorists on their territory improve chances of avoiding more attacks on the West.

  • Get ready for denials if terror strikes from across the border

    The Democrats are hoping that painting the Republicans as mean racists will help them with the Latino vote in November.

  • Al-Qaida militants kill 15 Yemeni soldiers

    SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Al-Qaida militants killed 15 soldiers in southern Yemen after seizing them from a public bus on Friday, military officials and witnesses said, in apparent retaliation to an army offensive against the group. The officials said the soldiers had been heading to Sanaa, the...

  • VIDEO: U.S. launches first airstrike in Iraq

    "When the lives of American citizens are at risk, we will take action," President Obama said Thursday after he authorized limited airstrikes in Iraq.

  • Obama authorizes limited airstrikes in Iraq: 'We cannot turn a blind eye'

    The move is one of the boldest military moves of his presidency and a reversal of his current, more supervisory approach to the violent turmoil in the region.

  • U.S. military air-drops relief supplies in Iraq

    The U.S. military air-dropped humanitarian relief supplies Thursday to a Kurdish area in northern Iraq where Islamic militants have trapped an estimated 40,000 religious minorities, a Defense Department official confirmed.

  • Car bombs kill 51 in Baghdad Shiite neighborhoods

    BAGHDAD (AP) — A string of car bombs tore through busy shopping streets in several Baghdad neighborhoods on Wednesday night killing 51 people as the army announced that one of its airstrikes had killed 60 militants in the northern city of Mosul. Baghdad police said the first attack was a pair...

  • Why the Pentagon is keeping a close watch on the U.S.-Africa summit

    As the U.S. seeks broader business ties to Africa, the role of the military on the continent could change.

  • Afghan soldier kills US general, wounds about 15

    KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — An American major general was shot to death Tuesday in one of the bloodiest insider attacks of the long Afghanistan war when a gunman dressed as an Afghan soldier turned on allied troops, wounding about 15 including a German general and two Afghan generals. The Army...

  • US terrorism database doubles in recent years

    WASHINGTON (AP) — A U.S. government database of known or suspected terrorists doubled in size in recent years, according to newly released government figures. The growth is the result of intelligence agencies submitting names more often after a near-miss attack in 2009. There were 1.1 million...

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  • No Law, No Order

    Ferguson, Mo.

  • No Reply from America?

    On Tuesday, August 19, an American citizen, James Foley, was savagely killed. The group of jihadists known as ISIL had previously killed and brutalized tens of thousands of non-Americans. But they...

  • Bartleby, the President

    President Obama insists Republican opposition to his policies has forced him to boycott Congress and resort to governing by executive order. This is only partially true. Yes, Republicans strongly...