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  • 5 facts about the new U.S. mission in Iraq

    President Obama's Thursday announcement to send 300 military advisers to Iraq to try to help the country's security forces beat back a rapidly advancing al Qaeda-inspired insurgency, has prompted more questions than it answered. Here are five answers to some of the basics: Who will serve as...

  • Rep. Robert Pittenger works to reassure America's allies post-Edward Snowden

    Rep. Robert Pittenger is on a mission to smooth over relations with allies that have been damaged by the revelations of National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden. After meeting Wednesday with a delegation of Austrian lawmakers, Pittenger, R-N.C., said recent developments in Iraq and Syria...

  • VIDEO --- House lawmakers: What's next after Bowe Bergdahl swap?

    Lawmakers are digging into the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner swap and its potential effects on national security.

  • Former Guantanamo Bay detainee arrested in Spain for recruiting ISIS fighters

    A former Guantanamo Bay detainee identified as Lahcen Ikassrien was among those arrested in Spain over the weekend for allegedly recruiting on behalf of a brutal terrorist group, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Ikassrien's arrest raises concern about the activities of other released...

  • U.S. captures Benghazi terror suspect

    U.S. forces have captured a suspected leader of the Sept. 11, 2012, terrorist strike in Benghazi, Libya, the first successful attempt by the Obama administration to detain a key figure in the deadly attack. The White House, long on the defensive for failing to apprehend any of the Benghazi...

  • White House week ahead: Obama tries to craft Iraq response

    President Obama returns from a California golf vacation Monday hoping to answer a vexing question from Republicans and Democrats alike: What is his plan for Iraq? Obama is weighing whether to approve U.S. airstrikes to slow insurgents who have seized a growing number of Iraqi cities and have...

  • Obama says U.S. may help try to stabilize Iraq

    With an insurgent group in control of large swaths of Iraq and quickly gaining ground, President Obama announced Friday that the U.S. could intervene militarily to help stabilize security but ultimately the country would need to solve its own problems.

  • As Iraq unravels, so does Obama's political Image

    President Obama, who rode his opposition to the Iraq War straight into the White House, isn't so eager to talk about the conflict there anymore.

  • Lack of intelligence: What CIA chief said is 'never going to happen' is happening in Iraq and Syria

    Add Iraq to the growing list of the Obama administration's intelligence failures.

  • Obama ramps up America's destruction

    If people aren't extremely concerned about what's going on in this country now, you might want to

  • John Boehner: Obama 'taking a nap' as Iraq falls

    House Speaker John Boehner slammed President Obama Thursday morning, for failing to respond to an offensive by Islamist militants in Iraq. "It's not like we haven't seen this problem coming for over a year" Boehner said. Islamic militants have waged a brutal insurgency against the Iraqi...

  • Obama administration seeks funding for Iraq to fix situation made by ending the war

    “After nearly nine years, America’s war in Iraq will be over," President Obama said on Oct. 21, 2011. But now, the Obama administration is promoting a new fund to fight terrorism following Iraq's recent plunge into chaos. New White House press secretary Josh Earnest, in a statement...

  • Revenge beheadings have begun in Iraq as Islamic terrorist forces press toward Baghdad; Obama rejects pleas for U.S. air strikes

    Iraqi President Nouri al-Maliki has urgently requested U.S. air strikes against the jihadist insurgents taking city after city on the road to Baghdad. "But Iraq's appeals for a military response have so far been rebuffed by the White House, which has been reluctant to open a new chapter in a...

  • VIDEO: Chuck Hagel stands by decision to exchange Taliban detainees

    Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel fully stands by the decision to exchange five senior members of the Taliban for the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, he said at a House Armed Services Committee hearing Wednesday morning.

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