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  • The Gulf War was no mistake

    Was it really a mistake to stop the aggression of a madman bent on becoming a modern-day King Nebuchadnezzar, on a quest to invade quite possibly a huge swath of southwest Asia?

  • The U.S. is about to give $100 million worth of cargo planes to a country that may not need them

    Department of Defense officials are giving two cargo planes worth more than $100 million to Afghanistan's air force, even though they may not be needed.

  • Hagel says nuclear operation has drifted

    KINGS BAY, Georgia (AP) — Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told naval submariners on Wednesday that the U.S. has let its focus on the military's nuclear responsibilities drift a bit, but two reviews are wrapping up and he will be looking at recommendations to strengthen the health of the force....

  • Chuck Hagel thanks Tim Howard for 'defending the United States'

    The SecDef expressed gratitude to the American goalie for his heroic efforts in Tuesday's loss to Belgium.

  • Bombs bursting in air: America's airpower advantage, 1944-2014

    Sometime during the spring of 1944, Allied commanders concluded that their air forces had secured air superiority over an area stretching from Great Britain to central France as well as parts of Belgium and Holland. Driving the German Luftwaffe from western European skies was a costly process...

  • US reducing surveillance flights in search for missing Nigerian girls

    U.S. surveillance and reconnaissance flights working to find more than 200 missing Nigerian girls are now flying at an "intermittent" rate, according to Reuters.

  • Obama gets 'surprised' by foreign crises because he isn't paying attention

    Flip through the latest National Security Strategy and the Pentagon's Quadrennial Defense Review -- these are the documents describing how President Obama envisions using foreign and defense policy to keep the United States safe, free and prosperous in a world that appears increasingly...

  • Stealthy warship Zumwalt is soon getting jet fuel

    BATH, Maine (AP) — Bath Iron Works is getting ready to bring fuel aboard the Navy's biggest destroyer in preparation for firing up some of the world's largest marine turbines this summer. Shipbuilders will be working methodically in the coming weeks to bring JP-5 military-grade jet fuel...

  • 10 reasons why Iraq's bloodbath is not George W. Bush's fault

    In 2011, President Obama pronounced Iraq "self-reliant and democratic" and "a country in which people from different religious sects and ethnicities can resolve their differences peacefully through the democratic process."

  • Border Patrol group: Order the Pentagon to send all illegal immigrants home

    The association that represents former Border Patrol officers, angered that President Obama and Congress have ignored immigration laws for years, has called on Washington to use the Pentagon to ship all illegal immigrants flooding over the border, including unaccompanied children, home....

  • France thumbs nose at critics of its sale of warships to Russia

    A growing chorus of Capitol Hill lawmakers are urging France to scrap a lucrative deal to sell two high-tech warships to Russia as the country flexes its muscle in eastern Europe.

  • 5 facts about the new U.S. mission in Iraq

    President Obama's Thursday announcement to send 300 military advisers to Iraq to try to help the country's security forces beat back a rapidly advancing al Qaeda-inspired insurgency, has prompted more questions than it answered. Here are five answers to some of the basics: Who will serve as...

  • Obama: U.S. will send small team of military advisers to Iraq

    President Obama announced plans to send a team of U.S. military advisers to Iraq to try help the country's security forces beat back an al Qaeda-inspired insurgency gaining ground across large swaths of the country.

  • Four things you should know about the Army general who will investigate Bowe Bergdahl's capture

    The Pentagon has launched an investigation into the events surrounding the capture by the Taliban of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the 28-year-old Idahoan who spent nearly five years in the hands of Islamist militants. Top military leaders are eager to learn of the circumstances that led to...

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