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  • The pole-dance-party-bus lobby loves pole-dance-party-bus regulation

    When you see a regulation promulgated in the name of public safety, always ask yourself: which special interest is profiting off this new intrusion of government?

  • Conservatives against corporate welfare: National Review says to end Export-Import Bank

    National Review's editors joined the chorus today, with an editorial calling the agency "cronyism concentrate."

  • Chicago food-truck laws are a success!

    Chicago's regulations of food trucks have achieved their desired effect: protecting restaurants by crushing food trucks.

  • No, Warren Buffett isn't a hypocrite for paying low taxes

    Warren Buffett thinks his taxes should be higher. An understandable response is "so, pay more in taxes, Mr. Buffett." Some conservatives, in fact, call Buffett a hypocrite for not voluntarily paying a higher rate than his secretary.

  • Class warfare works because the wealthy really are stealing your money

    In this interview with the Wall Street Journal, Charles Murray (an AEI colleague of mine) speaks of "the sense that a lot of Americans have that the game is rigged now," and says, "the problem is, a lot of that is true."

  • Obama talks about pay gap, but then punishes working mothers

    If President Obama truly cares about fair compensation for women, he should stop penalizing mothers in the federal workforce every time it snows. Allowing private employers to give working moms more flexible hours would help, too. Alternatively, Obama could handle the wage gap by repeating...

  • Report: Eric Cantor unwilling to fight against conservatives for export subsidies

    Conservative lawmakers are lining up against the Export-Import Bank, which subsidizes U.S. exporters at taxpayer risk. Mike Lee wrote an op-ed against it, Pat Toomey criticized it on the floor, 21 Republican members cast a symbolic vote against an Obama nominee to Ex-Im's board, Senate Majority...

  • Regulators are glad they're helping Big Business at the expense of Mom & Pops

    Regulating an industry tends to add to overhead costs, which disproportionately affects smaller operators, leading to industry consolidation. This is why Big Business often supports — or at least tolerates — regulation.

  • K Street loses a loyal ally in Kathleen Sebelius

    To begin on a positive note about the outgoing Secretary of Health and Human Services: Kathleen Sebelius was perfectly cordial the one time I met her. It was at a birthday party of Tony Podesta, the corporate lobbyist and top Democratic fundraiser. The secretary took a break that October...

  • What a woman wants: More babies

    Many people explain low fertility rates in the West as a fruit of women finally having control over how many babies they have.

  • GOP Speaker fight could hinge on export subsidies

    House Speaker John Boehner has a really tough job. Nobody would blame him for stepping down after this fall's election. The top two names floated as successors are Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling.

  • Bank alumnus reportedly crafted bank-friendly Fannie Mae bill

    Congress is trying to figure out what to do with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac -- the government-sponsored enterprises that helped pump up the housing bubble and then collapsed in 2008, requiring a government bailout. The approach generally favored by the banks is replacing them with another...

  • Corporate welfare debate hits the Senate floor as Pat Toomey knocks the Export-Import Bank

    Toomey's speech comes on the occasion of a nomination for the Ex-Im Board and it follows yesterday's rally House Democrats held in support of the agency.

  • Why K Street is working overtime to get more immigrants --- in one chart

    Immigration reform has lots of arguments in its favor, and I am thoroughly conflicted on the issue. But the momentum behind the legislation has come predominantly from the business lobby. FRED That's why the above chart, from Joe Weisenthal at The Business Insider, is so important. He argues...

  • Are regulators quashing the greatest wealth generator of our generation?

    Economists have many arguments about what boosts an economy and what drags it down -- monetary policy, tax reform, property law, regulations. These are hotly debated questions. But on a granular level, we know that an economy gets wealthier when we make better use of the time, effort, and...

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  • Through a Google Glass, Darkly

    “Just because something bears the aspect of the inevitable one should not, therefore, go along willingly with it.” ​—​Philip K. Dick

  • 2014 ≠ 2016

    Polls are overrated, but they can be still instructive. So what’s to be learned from a Fox News survey of 1,012 registered voters conducted April 13-15? 

  • As Goes North Carolina

    Raleigh, N.C.  To win the Senate, Republicans must win North Carolina. While it’s mathematically possible to take the Senate without ousting Democratic senator Kay Hagan, the chances of that...