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  • Is Nancy Pelosi wearing the mantle of a leading American eugenicist?

    Is House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi wearing the mantle of a leading American eugenicist? America's dominant abortion provider thinks so.

  • Do North Carolinians love corporate welfare?

    Politicians of both parties like to attack "corporate welfare," because the attack taps into both liberal and conservative sensibilities.

  • Peace in the culture wars --- if the Left wants it

    Sometimes it’s hard to believe the other side is being honest. Democratic politicians and liberal writers accuse Christian employers of “tell[ing] women what to do with their bodies,” and trying to “control” “access to birth control.” But a contraception ban is not on a table....

  • Marco Rubio sings a free-market populist tune on regulations

    Regulations kill jobs. Republicans say that again and again. This appeals to ideological voters' opposition to government. It appeals to non-ideological voters' concerns about employment and the economy. But it doesn't tap into the average voters' moral sensibilities. But here's the thing:...

  • Insurers swim in Obamacare flood of cash

    It was crucial to Obamacare's passage -- and central to defenses of it -- to pretend that this raft of subsidies, mandates and regulations was an attack on insurers.

  • Should U.S. taxpayers subsidize Russian banks and companies?

    As President Obama starts hurling sanctions at an increasingly bellicose Russia, a few conservatives are asking whether the administration will cut Russian banks and companies off of U.S. subsidies, Lachlan Markay at the Free Beacon reports. The Club for Growth, often the free-market foil to...

  • Why do liberals obsess --- to the point of delusion --- over anonymous GOP lawmakers?

    Is it a tactical effort to distract from Obama's problems? Is it a coping mechanism to deal with a political landscape that seems to be rejecting their viewpoint? Is it a deep craving for a feeling of moral and intellectual superiority? What is the cause behind the fever that sweeps the...

  • Is 'Boeing's Bank' heading for a jumbo-jet bubble?

    President Obama's favorite export agency devoted two-thirds of its taxpayer-backed loan guarantees to subsidize Boeing sales last fiscal year. The Export-Import Bank of the United States is a federal agency that subsidizes U.S. exports through loans and loan guarantees to foreign buyers of...

  • Obama's corporate-federal partnerships boost companies, not jobs

    When government and business get together, they are often successful in helping one another, but often unsuccessful in accomplishing the stated goal of the collaboration. Green energy subsidies often do little for the environment. consumer protection laws backed by industry often don't protect...

  • It is hard for Paul Krugman to find conservatives denouncing the bailouts while he steadfastly refuses to read conservatives

    New York Times blogger and Nobel laureate economist Paul Krugman believes that the right way to debate economic policy is to attack your opponent at his weakest point, rather than to engage your opponent's strongest arguments.

  • Left extols free markets after Chris Christie cracks down on Tesla

    We knew Chris Christie could reach across the aisle, but who would have guessed he could turn the liberal commentariat into free-market libertarians? The secret: enforcing regulations that get between rich New York-area consumers and their luxury electric cars. Tesla manufactures plug-in...

  • Whom the death tax benefits: The largest life insurance policy ever sold

    The estate tax raises a tiny fraction of federal revenues, but it raises a significant portion of the life insurance industry's money. Life insurance benefits can be tax-free. Inheritances over $5.3 million are taxed — with rates going up to 40 percent. That's why the life insurers lobby...

  • K Street's new gig: lobbying government for hedge funds

    Here's a growing business model in the financial world: bet that a company’s stock will crash, then sic the federal government on the company. Politically connected hedge-funder Bill Ackman has been open about this. He shorted the nutritional supplement company Herbalife in late 2012,...

  • Florida's special election and liberals' delusions of underdog status

    Sometimes I think it's baked into the liberal mindset to think of themselves as the outsiders — the insurgents.

  • Democrats talk about climate, rake in billionaire bucks

    Democrats occupied the Senate floor all night Monday, talking about climate change. They didn't try to advance any legislation, and they didn't even try very hard to get media attention.

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