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  • Grassroots super PACs are mostly Tea Partiers

    You're familiar, I'm sure, with the liberal argument that the Tea Party is not a real grassroots phenomenon, but is instead the plaything of plutocrats.

  • 'Carried interest' and the limits of populism

    A millionaire managing a hedge fund might pay a lower tax rate on income greater than $1 million than a working man pays on income over $55,000. President Obama and the top Republican tax writer, Rep. Dave Camp of Michigan, agree this inequity should end. Obama in his latest budget, and Camp...

  • Regulatory Robbery: Car dealers try to crush Tesla dealerships

    In many states around the country, it's illegal for automakers to sell cars directly to people. The credulous liberal argument is that it's about consumer protection. Deborah Dorman supports a bill in New York State to explicitly ban automakers from selling direct to consumers. Scott Waldman...

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