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  • How far can Obama pass the buck?

    Someone had his eye off the ball. It was probably not some "they," but rather the guy with the pen and the phone.

  • Eric Holder's political justice

    Upon Attorney General Eric Holder's resignation last week, NBC's Chuck Todd made an odd comment: "[W]hat's interesting about him, he is a very non-political person." There may be merit to saying Holder has been more ideological than political, but it still seems like a strange thing to say about...

  • Dems whine 'poor little me,' but they're outspending GOP on negative ads

    Tou might think Democrats like Bruce Braley and Kay Hagan are being overwhelmed by outside spending, given their complaints. You'd be wrong -- they're doing just fine.

  • No justification for White House manipulation of pool reports

    This week, the White House has committed another, though less serious, outrage. The Washington Post's Paul Farhi revealed that Obama's staff has been effectively censoring pool reports written by members of the press.

  • The People's March against common sense

    The protestors demand a world that doesn't work -- one in which jobs are artificially scarce, the poor go hungry, and the developing world stops developing.

  • Cry us a river, Lois Lerner

    Everyone in Washington has a P.R. machine, or at minimum, an agenda. That's certainly the case with Lois Lerner, the former IRS executive whose division targeted conservative nonprofit applicants with delays and harassment. Lerner's division of the IRS systematically obstructed and denied...

  • Why Wisconsin won't become Illinois

    Anyone who doubts the wisdom of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's union bargaining reforms -- and the self-interested short-sightedness of the public union bosses -- need only look southward to neighboring Illinois.

  • One year after disaster, Obama administration hasn't fixed security flaws

    Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services administrator, Marilyn Tavenner, defended to the House Oversight Committee — noting that no one's personal data has been compromised in a “malicious attack” — before acknowledging the massive security flaws that initially plagued the site.

  • Free the market and help Ukraine

    There exists a painless plan that can make Russia's future attempts to bully its neighbors less relevant and profitable.

  • Yet another Obamacare broken promise

    In five states (Connecticut, Hawaii, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont), every single insurance plan subsidized under Obamacare includes elective abortion coverage.

  • Obama should ask Congress on ISIS, and Congress should tell Obama yes

    Obama should feel duty-bound to seek authority from Congress for a war, and Congress should grant him that authority when he asks.

  • America's incredible shrinking labor force

    The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office released a new report projecting that labor force participation has not hit bottom yet.

  • First Amendment wins in Ohio; still vulnerable on Capitol Hill

    The best part about the truth is that it usually wins, contrary to what many people think.

  • A victory in the war on internships

    The trend of interns winning such lawsuits is a troubling one. Nothing could be more destructive for a valuable institution that has traditionally helped ease young, unskilled workers into the professional world.

  • Thirteen years later, America has lost ground

    Islamic terrorists are in a much stronger position today than they were 13 years ago -- not "on the run," or "decimated," or set back even slightly by the death of Osama bin Laden.

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  • House of Cards


  • Another Fight Obama Shirks

    When it comes to military actions, President Obama likes to declare the end of wars, regardless of whether America’s opponents agree that is the case. When it comes to economic wars, he has no...

  • Second Time’s a Charm?

    Voters in Connecticut’s gubernatorial election this November will face a familiar choice as Republican Tom Foley squares off against Democrat Dan Malloy. Four years ago, in a nail biter for what...