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  • Obama seeks $3.8 billion to deal with border kids

    The Associated Press has learned that President Obama is asking Congress for $3.8 billion to confront the influx of minors from Central America. The figure also includes extra money for fighting wildfires in the West.

  • Obama to hold border crisis meeting in Texas

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama will discuss the crisis at the border with faith leaders and local officials in Texas Wednesday. The meeting comes as Obama faces pressure to visit the border while he's in Texas this week to raise money for Democratic congressional candidates. The...

  • What Democrats think of Obama's handling of border crisis

    With President Obama sending mixed signals on how he plans to handle the immigration crisis at the Texas border, some Democrats on Capitol Hill are having a hard time backing him up and others would like to avoid the question altogether. When asked if Obama has done enough so far to address...

  • Obama urges restraint for Israel, Palestinians

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama called for Israelis and Palestinians alike to restrain themselves and put an end to acts of retribution, in some of his first public comments on the matter since the murder of three Israeli teenagers touched off a new round of violence and deepening...

  • Pat Buchanan book busts 'myth' Nixon was racist, had Vietnam 'secret plan

    Patrick J. Buchanan has a new memoir that debunks several charges against Richard Nixon, including: the so-called GOP White House "southern strategy" was racist.

  • Barack Obama doesn't know what @BarackObama says

    Children from Central America are crossing our southern border by the hundreds, Iraq is a smoldering mess, and it's hard to say how long it might be until Israel and Palestine declare all out war, but first, some important news on presidential Twitter protocol.

  • VIDEO: Advocates call Obama education initiative a 'good first step'

    Education advocates are optimistic as the Obama administration pushes to put better teachers in hard-to-staff classrooms.

  • White House 'not worried' about Obama skipping border on Texas trip

    White House spokesman Josh Earnest on Monday brushed aside questions about the optics of President Obama traveling to Texas to attend fundraisers without visiting the border to get a first-hand grasp of the immigration crisis.

  • Obama signs intelligence bill into law

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama has signed into law legislation that authorizes spending of $564 million over five years for the U.S. intelligence community and expands protections for intelligence agency whistleblowers against retaliation. The White House said Obama signed the bill...

  • Good news, everyone! The New York Times has identified the 'real' IRS scandal

    When disgraced former IRS official Lois Lerner first admitted in 2013 during a staged apology that her agency had targeted conservative groups, a few news organizations scrambled immediately to help the White House manage its damage control efforts. Take, for example, the New York Times' latest...

  • Morning Examiner with Steve Doty for July 7

    President Obama is off to Austin, Texas, this week for a pair of Democratic National Committee fundraisers. On Wednesday, Obama will travel to the Lone Star State where he will stay overnight. The president will deliver remarks on the economy Thursday morning before heading back to Washington.

  • White House week ahead: Still no border visit on Obama's Texas schedule

    President Obama will face more pressure this week to help resolve the immigration crisis at the Texas border as he travels to the state for three fundraisers and a speech focused on the economy.

  • Congress has just weeks to replenish expiring highway fund

    Roadwork nationwide could screech to a halt if Congress doesn't act soon.

  • Not going away: Vets are still paying close attention to Veterans Affairs scandal despite lack of media coverage

    The nation’s leading media outlets may have moved on from covering the many problems that continue to plague the Department of Veterans Affairs, but U.S. vets are still following the scandal closely, according to a recent Gallup report.

  • Obama: US always has been a nation of immigrants

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Celebrating the ethnic diversity of America, President Barack Obama said more than two dozen foreign-born service members who became U.S. citizens at the White House on the Fourth of July are vivid reminders that welcoming immigrants "is central to our way of life." He...

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  • No Sword, No Justice

    On Tuesday, President Obama visited the Dutch embassy in Washington to pay his respects to the victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, shot down over Ukraine by forces armed and backed by Vladimir...

  • A New Disorder

    Moments of clarity often come when you least expect them. In a speech to contributors last week in Seattle, Barack Obama made the case that his presidency has made America better. In most...

  • Frozen in the Cold War

    In 1983, Barack Obama was a senior at Columbia University. He was not well known. He lived off-campus, had a few close friends, and spent a lot of time reading. He went to some meetings of the...