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  • ACLU, news organizations back National Review, think tank in climate libel case

    A who's who of news organizations as well as the American Civil Liberties Union have sided with the conservative National Review and the free market Competitive Enterprise Institute in a libel lawsuit brought against them by climate scientist Michael Mann.

  • Patrolmen without borders

    If I drive across a U.S. border, I expect to stop at a Border Patrol checkpoint. But imagine driving to the grocery store, or Mom's house, well inside America, and being stopped by the Border Patrol. Many Americans don't have to imagine it -- it's how they live.

  • Did President Obama know about John Podesta's shady patron? Examiner Editorial

    Does President Obama approve of corporate criminality? He certainly has expended a great deal of energy condemning it throughout his political career, which makes something he did in 2013 all the more puzzling.

  • Did the Kochs ever give the ACLU $20 million? Probably not

    Google the words "Kochs" and "ACLU" and you will get more than 5 million hits. Most of the top ones reference a $20 million dollar donation that conservative philanthropists David and Charles Koch gave to the American Civil Liberties Union a decade ago to challenge the PATRIOT Act.

From the Weekly Standard