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  • Airport tests new way to avoid deadly bird strikes

    NEW YORK (AP) — When birds and planes collide, the results can be deadly. That's why airports around the world work hard to keep birds away, even resorting to shooting or poisoning large flocks. One Ohio airport is now experimenting with a new, gentler way to avoid bird strikes: planting tall...

  • Crash of Iranian built plane leaves 39 dead

    TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — A locally built Iranian passenger plane crashed shortly after takeoff in Tehran on Sunday, killing 39 people and reviving questions about the safety of a cash-strapped aviation sector left hobbled by international sanctions. President Hassan Rouhani offered his condolences...

  • FAA prohibits US airlines from flying over Iraq

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal aviation authorities are prohibiting U.S. airlines and other commercial carriers from flying over Iraq, saying hostilities there could threaten safety. The FAA announced the ban Friday, citing the "potentially hazardous situation" created by fighting between militants...

  • VIDEO: Charter planes make their way into Virginia Senate race

    Virginia's Republican candidate for Senate Ed Gillespie has released a new ad hitting Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., for his use of private jets.

  • US airfares on the rise, outpacing inflation

    NEW YORK (AP) — Travelers, prepare to pay more for your flight. The average roundtrip ticket within the U.S., including taxes, reached $509.15 in the first six months of this year, up nearly $14 from the same period last year. Domestic airfare continues to outpace inflation, rising 2.7 percent...

  • Ukraine: Body parts retrieved at jet crash site

    HRABOVE, Ukraine (AP) — Wearing gloves and carrying blue plastic buckets, international investigators finally began gathering up body parts and victims' belongings Friday in the fields where Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 came down. Artillery boomed in the distance as the 70-member team of Dutch...

  • Airport to use QR codes to help people find cars

    INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indianapolis International Airport has installed codes in shelters at parking lots to help people find where they parked their vehicles. QR codes, or Quick Response codes, have been installed in each shelter of the Economy Lot and at the first pillar of each row of public...

  • Dubai, European airlines divert flights over Iraq

    BAGHDAD (AP) — European airlines and a Dubai-based carrier are rerouting flights over Iraqi airspace as a security precaution amid fears that militants with the Islamic State group have weapons capable of shooting down planes, despite Iraq saying its skies are safe. A number of European...

  • House votes to let airlines advertise fares without taxes included

    The House this afternoon quickly approved a measure to allow airlines to advertise the base ticket fair to consumers while excluding the government fees and taxes that can add as much as 20 percent to the cost.

  • Obama's 'Africa Summit' to close parts of D.C., limit airspace

    Police are warning that President Obama's upcoming Africa Leaders Summit will shut off parts of Washington, D.C.

  • U.S. flight ban could be Hamas' biggest success in latest clash with Israel

    The FAA on Tuesday barred U.S. airliners from traveling to and from Israel for at least 24 hours, in the wake of now-confirmed reports saying a rocket landed near Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion airport.

  • What could possibly go wrong? Malaysia Airlines rerouting flights over Syria instead of Ukraine

    After one of its passenger airliners was blasted from the sky over eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 onboard, the ill-starred carrier Malaysia Airlines is rerouting flights away from the region -- and over war-torn Syria instead.

  • John Kerry says 'drunken' rebels compromising Malaysia Airlines crash site in Ukraine

    Secretary of State John Kerry accused Russia of not doing enough with the investigation of the Malaysia Airlines jetliner that was shot down in eastern Ukraine last week, saying that “drunken” pro-Russian separatist have comprised the crash site. “Not withstanding [Russian] President...

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