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  • Ex-CIA officers barred from reviewing report hitting them with harsh interrogation tactics

    In a stunning reversal, the administration has told some 10 former intelligence officers that they can't review a 6,000-page Senate report on controversial post-9/11 interrogation tactics is released.

  • Iraq's oil potential goes untapped

    Anxiety over the turmoil in Iraq disrupting oil output is easing as Iraqi forces push back against the Sunni extremist insurgency, but long-term fears remain that the instability could cause painful aftershocks -- especially if it scares off multinational oil companies that had begun investing in...

  • First Gulf War in 1991 was America's opening Iraq mistake

    Now's not the time to re-litigate the Iraq War, we're told -- mostly by people whose bright idea it was in the first place. If we "spend our time debating what happened 11 or 12 years ago," says former vice-president Dick Cheney, we're "missing the boat."

  • Al-Qaida splinter declares new Islamic caliphate

    BAGHDAD (AP) — The al-Qaida breakaway group that has seized much of Syria and Iraq has formally declared the establishment of a new Islamic state, demanding allegiance from Muslims worldwide in a move that could further strain relations with other militant groups. With brutal efficiency, the...

  • Al-Qaida launches wave of attacks in south Yemen

    SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Al-Qaeda militants attacked an international airport, a military barracks and the main post office of a southern Yemeni city on Thursday in a coordinated attack that set off clashes with troops and killed at least 15 people, the government said. The Defense Ministry said...

  • Who to kill? Obama's drone policy is more about politics than law

    The Obama administration’s justification for the killing of American citizen Anwar al-Awlaki in 2011 has always been somewhat murky. Awlaki was killed in Yemen along with another American, Samir Khan (editor of the al Qaeda magazine “Inspire”), when a missile fired from an American drone...

  • State Department going online to counter terrorism messages

    The State Department's Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications has hired a contractor to provide it with six staffers to conduct "a digital English-language campaign designed to counter propaganda by al Qaeda and other extremist groups" outside the U.S.

  • Al Qaeda is back in Iraq because President Obama and Hillary Clinton chose not to block them

    As al-Qaedastan takes shape, carved from parts of two countries and with ambitions far greater than the parts of Iraq and Syria it already owns, many Americans are wondering how President Obama and his pair of foreign policy gurus Hillary Clinton and John Kerry could have allowed this to happen....

  • Michael McCaul: Crisis in Iraq is 'greatest threat since 9/11'

    Republicans expressed increasing frustration with President Obama for failing to move decisively to stop a Sunni-aligned terrorist group that has gained control of key cities in Iraq and is clashing with the Shiite controlled government for control of Baghdad. Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, who...

  • Obama says U.S. may help try to stabilize Iraq

    With an insurgent group in control of large swaths of Iraq and quickly gaining ground, President Obama announced Friday that the U.S. could intervene militarily to help stabilize security but ultimately the country would need to solve its own problems.

  • Did al Qaeda win the Iraq war?

    A dozen years ago, Congress authorized President George W. Bush to invade Iraq to prevent the regime of then-dictator Saddam Hussein from posing a threat to this country with weapons of mass destruction we later discovered he did not have.

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