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  • Examiner Editorial: IRS should collect taxes, leave political speech alone

    Silk purses can sometimes be made from sow's ears, but such an outcome will never happen with the proposed IRS nonprofit oversight rule that would put the federal tax agency in the role of regulating First Amendment freedom of speech and association. The rule was conceived as part of the Obama...

  • Plenty of ammo for anti-Obamacare ads in New York Times

    Some conservative political groups have run into trouble making ads that criticize Obamacare. The ads were intended to showcase "horror stories" from the Democrats' national health care overhaul, but instead attracted zealous fact-checking and ferocious pushback from media outlets and liberal...

  • Koch brothers are holding up Ukraine aid bill, Harry Reid says

    The Koch brothers are getting in the way of a Senate package to aid Ukraine, Majority Leader Harry Reid said Thursday.

  • Sen. Mark Begich hits Koch brothers in first re-election campaign ad

    Hoping to counter hundreds of thousands of dollars in negative-ad spending in Alaska by the conservative group Americans For Prosperity, Sen. Mark Begich's re-election campaign will air its first television advertisement of the midterm election cycle.

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