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  • Vladimir Putin's creeping war of aggression

    This week, ethnic Russian agitators in eastern Ukraine marched on camera, building barricades and demanding political unification with Mother Russia. One group in Donetsk demanded the Kremlin send "temporary" peacekeeping troops.

  • South Korea will no longer bleed and bear it when the North attacks

    No one died on March 31st when first North Korean and then retaliating South Korean artillery units fired some 800 rockets and shells into disputed boundary waters along the peninsula's western coast. The absence of human fatalities is welcome news. So is the South's tit-for-tat firepower...

  • Fracking Vladimir Putin's gas advantage: War by other means in the 21st century

    Here's the bottom line for our moment in time: Vladimir Putin's Smart Thuggery has exposed Barack Obama's Smart Diplomacy as a pompous mix of faculty lounge jive, utopian balderdash and reckless weakness. Cunning thugs running countries behave like cunning thugs running criminal cartels, or...

  • Options for confronting Vladimir Putin's cold facts in Ukraine

    The cold fact of European geo-political history distinguishing March 18, 2014, from March 17, and, for that matter, making it precariously unlike any other day since the end of World War II is this: Military aggression in Europe by a major European power has led to political annexation and...

  • SXSW: Where garage attitude is a strategic economic asset

    What began as a local Austin, Texas, celebration of live music and slacker chic has become emblematic of a global phenomenon: individual economic innovators, open-minded marketing professionals and individual investors connecting poly-digitally to kick start wealth creation.

  • In Crimea, Russian military maneuver creates strategic facts on the ground

    Whether delivered as a rock, rifle round or laser burst, lethal fire by a military force is one of the two most fundamental combat actions. It is certainly the action best understood by artists. From cave painters to Hollywood directors, their material weapons make the "fire" threat posed by the...

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