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  • Jimmy Fallon's Hillary Clinton joke: if Chelsea's baby is a boy, it'll get some of Hillary's hand-me-downs

    "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon raised eyebrows and earned some boos after joking about Hillary Clinton on his Monday evening television show.

  • Media Matters refused SEIU's effort to organize its staff

    Despite a long history of supporting unions and workplace organizing, liberal nonprofit group Media Matters for America refused labor organizers when they submitted a petition to represent MMFA's own workers. According to a filing with the National Labor Relations Board, the watchdog group had...

  • The oil and gas industry is just like slavery, didn't you know?

    An anti-fracking activist and former Environmental Protection Agency “whistleblower” compared the fossil fuel industry to slavery during a debate Monday at Colorado Christian University. Wes Wilson, who once accused the EPA of shoddy science because of a report showing no evidence that...

  • Clay Aiken: 'You might wonder why I'm running for Congress'

    In a thirty-second Youtube clip, the singer discusses growing up with a mother who'd escaped a violent husband and his work for children with autism.

  • Antonin Scalia faults Sonia Sotomayor for 'doubly shameful' suggestion that Michigan voters are racist

    Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia faulted Justice Sonia Sotomayor for making what he regards as a "shameful" suggestion that the Michigan voters who decided to ban affirmative action in college admissions were motivated by racism.

  • Asking someone to prom is now sexual harassment, apparently

    An always-outraged feminist is now claiming that teenage boys asking non-teenage female celebrities to prom is sexual harassment. Amanda Marcotte has accused high school student Patrick Farves of sexually harassing Miss America Nina Davuluri.

  • Rick Perry wants people to know he's ready for 2016

    Republican Texas Gov. Rick Perry wants to convince Republican primary voters he can do three things well: he can cut taxes, enact job-friendly polices, and — what's the third thing — oh yeah, he's good at debates.

  • Supreme Court upholds Michigan's ban on race-based college admissions

    Six Supreme Court justices voted to uphold Michigan's ballot proposal that amended the state constitution to ban race-based affirmative action in college admissions, reversing a lower court that said the ban burdened minorities.

  • GOP Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land mocks opponent over 'war on women' attacks

    Republican Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land has released her first campaign ad, which pokes fun at her opponent — a man — for accusing her of waging a war on women.

  • President Obama's theoretical 'pivot' to Asia

    President Obama departs late Tuesday for a trip to Asia, the region of the world he's wanted to focus on for years but never seems to get around to doing so. The trip — his fifth since taking office — represents "an important opportunity to underscore our continued focus on the...

  • Chuck Hagel says Pentagon must get troops to act morally to prevent sexual assaults

    Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told reporters that servicemembers must be convinced to act morally, rather than just within the bounds of the law, to combat sexual assault in the military.

  • Should the bankrupt, blighted city of Detroit turn in its charter?

    Should the city of Detroit turn in its charter and go out of existence? A good friend of mine proposed this, many years ago, and I thought it absurd. It seems less so now. Now comes Dennis Lennox, former Cheboygan County drain commissioner and Republican public affairs consultant, writing in the...

  • More evidence of rising health care spending

    New evidence is suggesting that national health care costs are on the rise, a reality that would present new challenges for President Obama's health care law and the U.S. medical system. As I wrote earlier this month, between 2009 and 2012, national health care spending grew at a historically...

  • Sen. John Walsh: US government is failing veterans

    Sen. John Walsh, D-Mont., said the Veterans Affairs Department and congressional leaders are not doing enough to care for American veterans. "I do not," Walsh replied when CNN's Candy Crowley asked if the government was keeping its "promise" to service members. "You know, I think that our...

  • The 'Twitter gap' is one Democrats don't want to talk about

    Democrats are supposed to be the party that all the young, hip people are crazy about. But when it comes to Twitter, Democrats have actually fallen behind Republicans in several important metrics.

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  • The Closing of the Academic Mind

    From Brandeis on the Atlantic to Azusa on the Pacific, an iron curtain has descended across academia. Behind that line lie all the classrooms of the ancient schools of America. Wesleyan, Brown,...

  • Why Not an Open Convention?

    When the Republican National Committee adopted a new primary calendar in January, few people fully thought through the impact. Successfully and necessarily fighting the last war, Chairman Reince...

  • NATO Is Still the Answer

    The continuing Ukraine crisis raises both a critical “what if?” question and a pressing policy issue. What if, in April 2008, the Europeans had not rejected President Bush’s proposal to...