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  • After enrollment deadline, Obamacare fight begins anew

    The battle lines are clearly drawn: Democrats will argue that despite all the setbacks in implementing the president's signature achievement, the White House and fellow progressives will receive credit for adding millions of Americans to the ranks of those with health care coverage.

  • White House: Opening Day holiday 'outside our strike zone'

    Responding to an online petition to make Opening Day a national holiday, the White House on Monday said President Obama didn't have the authority to give baseball diehards what they wanted.

  • Obamacare website functioning after morning outage was restored Monday after being down for maintenance for hours on the final day of open enrollment in Obamacare. The Obamacare website was brought back to full service around 8 a.m., an administration official said. had been unable to handle enrollment requests...

  • White House week ahead: Russia waiting game, Obamacare deadline

    The White House this week will attempt to manage the fallout from hastily arranged U.S.-Russian talks on Ukraine, which produced no breakthrough in the standoff between the Obama administration and the Kremlin over the Eastern European nation.

  • Obama tries to mend rift with Saudis

    President Obama met with Saudi King Abdullah in Riyadh Friday, the last stop on his weeklong foreign trip as he tried to cool tensions with a key U.S. ally in the Middle East. "The United States and Saudi Arabia are working together to address a number of critical bilateral and regional...

  • Obama forced to settle for status quo in Crimea

    President Obama will leave Europe armed with little more than threats against Russian President Vladimir Putin, raising concerns over his ability to deter the Kremlin from expanding its footprint beyond Crimea.

  • Obama, Pope Francis discuss religious freedom

    Pope Francis, in a high-profile meeting with President Obama on Thursday, raised concerns about religious freedom, according to the Vatican. Obama and the pope “discussed questions of particular relevance for the Church, such as the exercise of the rights to religious freedom, life and...

  • Obama: 'Government should not collect or hold' phone data in bulk

    President Obama formally announced Thursday proposed reforms to National Security Agency surveillance techniques, saying the government should turn storage of metadata over to private phone companies.

  • Obama jabs Vladimir Putin, says West not entering another Cold War

    President Obama in the central speech of a cross-Atlantic tour Wednesday lectured Russian President Vladimir Putin about the consequences of annexing Crimea, saying that western powers would not “look the other way” as the Kremlin attempts to flex its muscle in Eastern Europe. Speaking to...

  • President Obama: Russia 'stands alone'

    President Obama, insisting the U.S. would preserve an ironclad commitment to its European partners, said Wednesday that Russia “stands alone” in the wake of annexing Crimea. Appearing at a joint press conference in Brussels, Belgium, with European leaders, Obama defended his...

  • White House: Women most in need of minimum wage increase

    Looking to ratchet up pressure on lawmakers to raise the minimum wage, the White House in a new report Wednesday argued that increasing such payments to $10.10 an hour would prove even more beneficial to women than men. Obama and congressional Democrats are using the minimum wage as a...

  • Administration will give consumers extra time to sign up for Obamacare

    The Obama administration will give consumers who claim they were unable to sign up for Obamacare extra time to select a health plan, essentially extending the March 31 deadline for some individuals to obtain insurance or pay a fine. “Open enrollment ends March 31. We are experiencing a surge...

  • Administration grants more time for some people to complete Obamacare enrollment

    Obama administration grants more time for some people to complete health care enrollment.

  • Obama stands behind criticism of Mitt Romney on Russia

    President Obama on Tuesday defended his approach to dealing with Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling Russia a "regional power” and standing behind his dismissal of presidential rival Mitt Romney's assertion that the Kremlin posed a major threat to U.S. interests. "Russia's actions are...

  • U.S., European pact on Russia brings little clarity to showdown

    The suspension of Russia from the Group of Eight nations Monday and the threat of future sanctions on major sectors of the Russian economy did little to answer one critical question: What happens if Russian President Vladimir Putin maintains the status-quo in Crimea? The White House on Monday...

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