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  • Missouri governor vetoes, freezes $1b of spending

    Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed or froze more than $1.1 billion in spending Tuesday, citing concerns about declining revenues and the potential for new tax breaks to drain state dollars even further.

  • House panel approves $29.1b GOP budget plan for Pennsylvania

    Republicans on the Pennsylvania House Appropriations Committee on Tuesday approved a spending blueprint that would hold the line on taxes, but would scale back increases for education and human services proposed by Gov. Tom Corbett while relying heavily on the unlikely sell-off of the state's...

  • Judge to hear arguments over pension contributions

    A judge is set to hear arguments over New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's plan to use pension payments to balance the budget.

  • Democrats send Sen. Ted Cruz a bill for last year's government shutdown

    Either Democrats are still not over last October's government shutdown or they're seriously out of campaign ideas, because they just sent Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, a bill for $24 billion - the estimated cost of the shutdown.

  • Obama's deficient plan for student loans

    The government normally doesn't care whether you or I accumulate large bills for home improvement, a new car or exotic vacations. But President Obama feels no hesitation in concluding that the cost of higher education has placed "too big a debt load on too many young people." Therefore,...

  • California expands Medi-Cal while continuing cuts

    California has been praised by health advocates for its early embrace of the federal health care expansion, but the new state budget has raised questions about its commitment to getting the poorest residents into doctors' offices and dentists' chairs.

  • Rhode Island General Assembly adjourns for 2014

    Rhode Island's General Assembly adjourned for the year early Saturday after pushing through legislation outlining a plan to expand gambling in Newport and scores of other bills, including one suspending the use of standardized tests as a graduation requirement.

  • Thad Cochran's porking helps K Street but not Mississippi

    Mississippi voters can help their state's economy this Tuesday by sending Sen. Thad Cochran into retirement.

  • Puerto Rico's financial crisis may need a Washington solution

    After nine years of economic stagnation, Puerto Rico is in desperate need of private investment, as the island teeters on financial collapse.

  • Americans are not serious about government debt

    The gross U.S. government debt now stands at $17 trillion, more than double what it was a decade ago. It's still expanding, as the Treasury pays out more than it takes in, and the shortfall is expected to grow over the next decade. So it's deeply gratifying to learn that Americans are "highly...

  • How much do you know about the student loan boom?

    With overall student debt in the U.S. at more than $1 trillion, many lawmakers are pushing legislation to lower graduates' repayment costs. President Obama recently expanded a federal program to cap borrowers' interest payments, while a measure to change interest rates on loans has stalled in...

  • EXography: Government corruption encourages more state spending on infrastructure, but takes away resources from schools, public health

    An innovative data analysis finds that states with high levels of public corruption spend less on schools and public health because its easier for dishonest officials to extract bribes from other activities like construction, road-building, public finance and government employee compensation.

  • VIDEO: Bipartisan lawmakers fret over budget's future

    The future of the federal budget is very much in flux. Bipartisan budget experts forsee a grim future if nothing is done to stifle the budget deficit. It currently stands at about $500 billion and is expected to top $1 trillion in the next 10 years.

  • Steny Hoyer: Another shutdown unlikely because Republicans 'are not stupid'

    The No. 2 House Democrat doesn't anticipate a repeat of October's partial government shutdown, saying Republicans “are not stupid” to again demand spending cuts and other conditions that led to last year's budget impasse. House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said that despite deep ideological...

  • David Vitter says he'd consider Medicaid expansion

    Republican U.S. Sen. David Vitter on Monday left open the possibility of expanding Louisiana's Medicaid program to cover more of the working poor.

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