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  • Documents in DC corruption case: Hillary Clinton aide sought 'street teams'

    A campaign adviser to Hillary Clinton was involved in an off-the-books operation to help the former first lady's 2008 presidential campaign in four states and Puerto Rico, according to federal court documents.

  • Obama loves that 'vampire' money when it helps Democrats

    Remember this ad from the 2012 campaign? The one in which Mitt Romney's former venture capital firm, Bain Capital, was called a "vampire"?

  • Crisis in Crimea doesn't slow White House money chase

    While Washington waits for a response from Moscow in the second week of the crisis in Ukraine's Crimea region, the White House midterm money chase continues unabated. On Tuesday night, President Obama headed to New York to attend a pair of $32,400-a-person fundraisers for Democrats'...

  • Senate votes to divert political convention subsidies to pediatric research

    Politicians will no longer party on the taxpayer dime after the Senate voted Tuesday to divert taxpayer subsidies of the Democratic and Republican national conventions to instead fund to fund a new pediatric research fund at the National Institutes of Health. The Gabriella Miller Kids First...

  • Obama at Gap: No V-necks for daughters, fears they will 'slip'

    President Obama, on a fundraising field trip to New York City on Tuesday, stopped in at a Gap on 42nd Street to shop for his wife and daughters, confidently telling those around him, "I think the ladies will be impressed by my style sense.” But given a choice to be stylish or prudish, he...

  • Examiner Editorial: Time to put some limits on class-action frequent filers

    Combine the prospect of making a fortune with an insidious mix of political influence and campaign finance, and the results too often are abuses of the federal and state court systems that are much too common in class-action securities litigation. A new study from the U.S. Chamber Institute for...

  • Congressional investigations of Federal Election Commission stalled

    A pair of probes into computer security and staffing breakdowns at the FEC aren't living up to their initial billings, key congressmen indicate in a new report by the Center for Public Integrity.

  • Clever study shows that money buys access to members of Congress --- Democrats, at least

    The most cynical explanation of money in politics is that campaign contributions are basically bribery, in which donors pay politicians for beneficial policies. This, I believe, is rarely the case. The most innocent explanation is that donors give money to politicians who believe in what the...

  • On fast food and dissidents: Is transparency always good?

    I'm a big fan of transparency. I think we should have instant, total access to the checking accounts of politicians' campaign committees. I think congressmen and their top staff should have to disclose whom they meet with about policy matters — so should top executive branch officials.

  • DC businessman Jeffrey Thompson charged with conspiracy

    Influential District of Columbia businessman Jeffrey Thompson was charged Monday with conspiring to violate federal and local campaign finance laws by funding off-the-books campaign activity for candidates including Hillary Rodham Clinton and district Mayor Vincent Gray.

  • Trial approaches for former Alabama Senate leader

    FORT PAYNE, Ala. — A prosecutor said Friday he will show that former Alabama Senate leader Lowell Barron gave $58,000 in campaign funds to campaign aide Rhonda Jill Johnson to help her pay a debt to him and a credit card company. Barron's defense attorney said Barron paid Johnson for the...

  • CFPB to pay $22.3 million to lease building owned by Obama bundler

    Consumer Financial Protection Bureau officials will pay $22.3 million to lease temporary offices in addition to the record-breaking $145 million being spent to renovate the agency's headquarters, according to documents obtained by the Washington Examiner. The temporary offices to be occupied...

  • Chris Christie defends the Koch brothers at CPAC

    In recent attacks, Democrats have criticized Charles and David Koch, billionaire brothers who are also prominent Republican donors, for "fear mongering" and "pouring millions into defeating" Democratic candidates.

  • Grassroots super PACs are mostly Tea Partiers

    You're familiar, I'm sure, with the liberal argument that the Tea Party is not a real grassroots phenomenon, but is instead the plaything of plutocrats.

  • Obama: Democrats get 'sleepy' in midterm years

    President Obama on Tuesday warned Democratic donors that the party could not repeat the mistakes of the 2010 midterms, and must focus on turning out voters in November. "Democrats are really good at presidential elections these days, if I do say so myself,” said Obama at a fundraiser for the...

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