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  • Warner, Gillespie to hold first debate in W.Va.

    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Warner and his Republican challenger Ed Gillespie are set to have their first debate. The Virginia Bar Association announced Tuesday both candidates will attend a debate hosted by the group July 26 at The Greenbrier resort in West Virginia. PBS...

  • A year past Texas filibuster, backer momentum ebbs

    AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — One year after a filibuster attracted national attention and gave them a rare but brief Texas victory, abortion-rights supporters have struggled to recapture momentum in a conservative state where political battles usually don't go their way. The thousands of orange-clad...

  • VIDEO: Senate Dems reintroduce failed Disclose Act

    Senate Democrats on Tuesday reintroduced transparency legislation that failed to pass in 2010 and again in 2012.

  • Primary Watch: Judgment day in Mississippi; the end of Charlie Rangel?

    Voters in New York, Maryland, Oklahoma, Colorado and Utah will nominate yet another batch of candidates for the Nov. 4 elections on Tuesday. A special election will also be held in Florida, and there are primary runoffs in South Carolina and Mississippi.

  • What to look for in tonight's primaries

    During the last major day of primaries until August, a few of the most prominent themes of the 2014 midterm election cycle will be on display.

  • Tea Party infighting in Oklahoma

    A Republican Senate primary has yielded yet another intraparty feud pitting grassroots conservatives against national political strategists.

  • Texas politicians tour base with immigrant kids

    SAN ANTONIO (AP) — A surge of immigrant children pouring into Texas and across the southwest U.S. border brought Republican and Democratic leaders Monday to federal facilities across the state where tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors are being held in temporary shelters. At Lackland...

  • Amid campaign-style events, Obama's approval slips

    Despite recent attempts to reach out to middle class Americans, the president's approval rating continues its steady downward spiral, according to a new Gallup poll.

  • Rangel's contest heads up NY congressional races

    NEW YORK (AP) — He won his first election for Congress in 1970 by taking on an iconic Harlem politician and eking out a close victory. Now U.S. Rep. Charlie Rangel is the Harlem icon, and he's hoping his opponents don't do the same thing to him. Rangel, 84, is running for his 23rd term in the...

  • VIDEO: Hillary Clinton up in Iowa; Chris Christie closing the gap

    A new poll from the bellwether state of Iowa shows Hillary Clinton leading her possible Republican challengers in the 2016 presidential race.

  • Charlie Crist postpones visit to Cuba

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Democratic candidate for governor Charlie Crist is postponing his visit to Cuba. Crist said earlier this year that the United States should scrap the 52-year-old embargo with the communist-run island. He also said he planned on visiting Cuba on a fact-finding trip....

  • Bill Clinton urges Hillary Clinton to 'take maximum advantage' of his death, new book reveals

    Former President Bill Clinton has been busy writing "playbooks" for his wife, Hillary, to use in her likely 2016 presidential campaign including how to "take maximum advantage of my death," according to a new book out Monday.

  • Poll: Ben Carson surges, a top threat to Hillary Clinton in 2016

    Ben Carson, the retired neurosurgeon, Obamacare critic and New York Times best-selling author, has become a surprise top challenger to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a 2016 presidential matchup, according to a new poll. Rasmussen Reports finds that Carson places just behind...

  • At it again: Hillary Clinton tries, fails to downplay family's enormous wealth

    Hillary Clinton may be a millionaire several times over, but she's not that "well-off." At least, she doesn't think so, and said as much during an interview to promote her new book, Hard Choices.

  • Book: Oprah Winfrey calls Michelle Obama 'tiresome,' prefers Hillary Clinton

    The lovey-dovey public relationship between Oprah Winfrey and the President and Michelle Obama is a mirage, according to a new book that says first lady badgers the TV giant for favors and makes the fellow Chicagoan feel “jumpy.”

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