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  • Real fight on minimum wage is among Senate Democrats

    As President Obama pitched a federal minimum wage increase in Michigan on Wednesday, Senate Democrats were divided over it, pushing off for a third time a planned vote on legislation that would have increased the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 over three years.

  • With Obamacare enrollment milestone met, Democrats feel cautious enthusiasm

    Democrats who have been expecting a tough slog to defend the implementation of Obamacare in this important midterm election year weren't just pleased this week with news that 7.1 million people had enrolled in health insurance through federal or state exchanges. They were jubilant, and more...

  • House GOP tries to break free from 'obstructionist' label with Paul Ryan budget

    In rolling out his fourth spending proposal as House Budget Committee chairman, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan returned to a familiar Republican theme -- one that underscores a political vulnerability and reveals a lingering frustration. Particularly on the issue of health care, but also on jobs,...

  • Republican governors raise $33 million under Chris Christie

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Donors have given $33 million to the Republican Governors Association since New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie took the helm late last year. The committee to elect GOP governors on Thursday announced it raised $23.5 million during the first three months of the year. That sum...

  • Louisiana Senate race a battle of pork, policies and political legacies

    MANDEVILLE, La. -- The conventional wisdom is that the Senate race between three-term Democrat Mary Landrieu and Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy will be about Obamacare. Will Landrieu's vote for the president's national health care scheme -- the decisive vote, as Republicans often point out --...

  • DCCC chair Steve Israel: Paul Ryan's budget will be 'defining issue' in midterms

    On the heels of a new federal budget plan unveiled Tuesday by Republican Rep. Paul Ryan, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair Steve Israel is predicting the proposal "will be the defining issue in the midterm elections."

  • Supreme Court strikes down limits on campaign contributions

    The Supreme Court on Wednesday struck down the overall limits that wealthy donors can contribute to political campaigns, a victory for anti-regulation conservatives who saw the caps as a serious restriction on free speech rights. The justices, in a 5-4 ruling in McCutcheon v. the Federation...

  • 'Super genius' registers to take on Jerry Brown in Dem primary

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Legal Newsline) – From self-professed geniuses to golf course operators, and even a notable political activist named Cindy Sheehan, the field of gubernatorial candidates encompasses an array of Californians this election year. Brown On March 27, Secretary of State Debra...

  • Nebraska is new front in battle for control of GOP

    Compared with the acrimonious primary campaigns elsewhere, the race for the GOP Senate nomination in Nebraska sounds like two nice guys running for local Rotary Club president.

  • Ted Cruz: Religious liberties under attack

    Possible Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz said Wednesday that religious Americans have a duty to take a stand against policies, such as President Obama's health care law, that could threaten their liberties.

  • Supreme Court voids overall contribution limits

    The Supreme Court has struck down limits in federal law on the overall campaign contributions the biggest individual donors may make to candidates, political parties and political action committees.

  • Ted Cruz heads to Liberty U to woo evangelicals

    Possible presidential hopeful Ted Cruz is auditioning at one of the nation's largest meetings of young evangelicals, a critical voting bloc for any Republican with White House ambitions.

  • GOP's small-state edge boosts its Senate hopes

    Republican senators are entrenching themselves in small states that elected Democrats a few years ago, brightening the GOP's future if Americans continue their trend of voting for the same party in Senate and presidential races.

  • Q&A: Chuck Grassley sounds off on Iowa politics, campaign lessons and Joni Ernst's hogs ad

    Sen. Chuck Grassley knows a thing or two about winning Iowa Senate races. The conservative Hawkeye State Republican has been re-elected five times since he first won in 1980, most recently in 2010, and never with less than 64 percent of the vote. That might not be worth mentioning if Grassley...

  • Scandal-weary voters boot DC mayor from office

    WASHINGTON (AP) — District of Columbia Mayor Vincent Gray tried to rally his base. But his core supporters weren't nearly enough, as a scandal-weary electorate rallied behind a much-younger challenger who promised honest and ethical leadership. D.C. Councilmember Muriel Bowser defeated Gray...

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