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  • Study: CBS, ABC, NBC have a 'War on Easter'

    A three-year study of how network news refers to “Easter” reveals that by a margin of 500-56, reports that mention the word or “Easter season” choose a secular path linking it to candy Peeps, frilly clothes and cocktails over Christ’s resurrection. “Instead of celebrating Christ's...

  • Fox News Sunday beats Meet the Press in D.C.; Chris Wallace gets new contract

    Winning matters in TV. Just ask Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace. He has built up the show’s audience since taking the reins in 2003 and last weekend it hit No. 1 in the critical Washington market among the key 25-54 demographic, a huge victory over slumping Meet the Press. And now he has...

  • You lie! Reporters accuse Obama of deception, demagoguery just to get attention

    Prominent Washington correspondents are accusing President Obama and his aides of knowingly stretching the truth on issues like the so-called women's pay gap just to create controversy and keep issues -- and the president -- relevant.

  • CBS wins the week with basketball and hit series

    NEW YORK (AP) — The Nielsen ratings company says basketball and a slate of hit television series have handed CBS another winning week. It was CBS' sixth straight weekly win in prime-time viewers. The network had 15 of the top 20 shows, led by the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship game...

  • Mainstream Media Scream: NYT's Tom Friedman slaps climate change skeptics

    This week's Mainstream Media Scream features New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman rapping climate change skeptics for not conforming to the mainstream view that global warming is real and a danger.

  • CBS Outdoor climbs in 1st day on NYSE

    NEW YORK (AP) — CBS Outdoor's stock rose 5.4 percent Friday in its debut on the New York Stock Exchange. The New York-based outdoor advertising subsidiary of broadcast company CBS Corp. raised $560 million in its initial public offering, pricing 20 million shares at $28 each, the high end of...

  • Study: ABC/CBS/NBC give Obamacare less than 1 percent of network news airtime

    It's the biggest issue in the midterm elections, and problems with Obamacare are driving Democrats to abandon it to save themselves, but the nation's Big 3 TV networks have devoted less than 1 percent of their airtime to the flawed health care system since Jan. 1, according to a new study. The...

  • After leaving CBS, Sharyl Attkisson retweets 'BS' News cartoon

    Although Sharyl Attkisson resigned from CBS News earlier this week, calling the split with the news organization "amicable."

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