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  • State economy showdown: Rick Perry, Scott Walker, Mike Pence vs. Chris Christie

    A new report that gauges the economic future of all 50 states could weigh on the 2016 GOP primaries by showing that low tax states such as Indiana, Texas and Wisconsin have a much better outlook than high taxers like New Jersey.

  • Chris Christie ain't got it

    There's a scene in the comedy film “High Anxiety” in which a driver meets Mel Brooks at the airport and offers to pick up his cumbersome trunk. “I got it, I got it, I got it,” the driver insists as he struggles to lift the luggage before gasping, “I ain't got it!” It lands with a thud.

  • Democrats face dilemma on legalizing marijuana

    Legalizing marijuana is an issue made to order for the Democratic Party. A majority of Americans now supports the idea, and so do two out of three Democrats. Two states have done it, and several more may vote on it in 2016.

  • Chris Christie pushes for arbitration changes

    Gov. Chris Christie is trying to build pressure on lawmakers to re-adopt a cap on raises for police and firefighters that arbitrators can award.

  • Poll: Hillary Clinton winning Catholics, Protestants, and 36% of evangelicals

    With a crushing dominance shown in repeated polls, Democrat Hillary Clinton is on a path to do something her husband and two-term president never achieved: win a majority of more than 50 percent of the presidential vote in 2016. In the latest poll, Zogby Analytics confirmed the trend showing...

  • Majority of New Jersey residents approve of Christie but remain skeptical of role in bridge scandal

    A majority of New Jersey residents approve of Chris Christie's job as governor, even though many of them still believe that he was somewhat involved in the bridge scandal.

  • Republican governors raise $33 million under Chris Christie

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Donors have given $33 million to the Republican Governors Association since New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie took the helm late last year. The committee to elect GOP governors on Thursday announced it raised $23.5 million during the first three months of the year. That sum...

  • Chris Christie's top picks for president: Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio

    During an interview with Fox News host Megyn Kelly aired Monday night, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was asked to name his top candidates for president. Christie said former Florida governor Jeb Bush would be an "outstanding candidate" for president, and also named Scott Walker, Paul Ryan and...

  • Chris Christie: Obama hug did not hurt Mitt Romney in the election

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie asserted that his "hug" of President Obama right before the 2012 election in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy did not hurt Mitt Romney's chance to win the presidency.

  • Chris Christie: Republicans don't get anywhere complaining about the mainstream media

    Gov. Chris Christie, R-N.J., turned down the opportunity to bash the mainstream media on Friday, when interviewed by Fox News host Megyn Kelly. Kelly pointed out, during a part of the interview aired on Friday, that there was an unprecedented volume of negative media coverage surrounding the...

  • Can foreign policy be a winning issue for Republicans?

    Conventional wisdom has it that Americans don't care about foreign policy because they're tired after more than a decade of conflict. But they're certainly paying attention.

  • Non-candidate Huckabee 'encouraged' by poll showing 2016 lead

    Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who won eight primaries and caucuses in the 2008 Republican presidential race, says a new poll showing him tied for the lead of the 2016 GOP primary race is "encouraging." The poll, done by Washington-based WPA Opinion Research, shows Huckabee and Rand Paul...

  • Scott Walker, Chris Christie court GOP donors in Las Vegas

    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says the GOP's next presidential nominee must be someone "from outside Washington."

  • Soundbites of the week: What about Joe Biden?

    Not in my state "I don't believe that legalizing an illegal drug for purposes of governmental profit is something that we should be doing. I believe that this is a gateway drug into other more serious drugs. I think it sends a wrong message to our kids and I don't think it makes anybody a...

  • Chris Christie: They love me in Iowa

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie disagreed with critics who suggest that the bridge-closing controversy in his administration has affected his ability to run for president.

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