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  • In case you missed this: Harry Reid thinks Justice Clarence Thomas is white

    The Senate majority leader's claim that "five white men" were behind the Hobby Lobby ruling is part of a larger campaign to mislead the public.

  • Supreme Court protects mudslinging

    The age-old practice of mudslinging and false accusations during political campaigns is safe for the time being, as the Supreme Court on Monday unanimously ruled that an anti-abortion group can proceed with a challenge against an Ohio law that made such actions a crime.

  • Which conservative Supreme Court justice are you?

    The Supreme Court isn't just divided along liberal and conservative lines. Even its conservative majority is divided. On questions as different as gay marriage, freedom of speech and police searches, the five justices appointed by Republican presidents come to different conclusions.

From the Weekly Standard

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    The WEEKLY STANDARD podcast with editor William Kristol on President Obama's track record on the rule of law, Israel, Immigration, and more.

  • The Underground War on Israel

    During the first two weeks of the Gaza conflict, Hamas landed at least two significant punches. In firing missiles at Ben Gurion Airport, Hamas convinced the Federal Aviation Authority and...

  • No Sword, No Justice

    On Tuesday, President Obama visited the Dutch embassy in Washington to pay his respects to the victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, shot down over Ukraine by forces armed and backed by Vladimir...