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  • Has teacher tenure driven a wedge between California Democrats and Big Labor?

    Teachers unions have been fuming over a decision last month by the Los Angeles Superior Court that ended tenure in the state, but most Democratic lawmakers do not share their outrage -- and that is creating some serious friction.

  • This 50-year-old conservation program could run out without GOP support

    The Land and Water Conservation Fund, which gets its funding from federal offshore oil and gas revenue, is running up against the clock. The Obama administration and its environmental allies need the support of GOP lawmakers to keep it alive. 

  • Sen. Menendez wants federal probe of Cuba role

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Robert Menendez said Tuesday that he has asked the Justice Department to investigate whether the Cuban government had a role in allegations against him that have made him a target of a federal probe. Among the charges are so far unsubstantiated allegations that...

  • Here's why House Republicans' Obamacare replacement was just pushed back

    The leadership shuffle caused by Rep. Eric Cantor's departure is being cited as one of the reasons health care is being punted to the fall.

  • VIDEO: Sherrod Brown stands up for Social Security disability insurance

    Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, spoke at the Center for American Progress on Tuesday morning to defend the Social Security disability insurance program.

  • Ted Cruz: Harry Reid is Obama's 'enabler' to abusing power more than Richard Nixon

    Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid has helped President Obama abuse his power even worse than Richard Nixon, charged Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

  • What Democrats think of Obama's handling of border crisis

    With President Obama sending mixed signals on how he plans to handle the immigration crisis at the Texas border, some Democrats on Capitol Hill are having a hard time backing him up and others would like to avoid the question altogether. When asked if Obama has done enough so far to address...

  • For Capitol Hill Democrats, 'shutdown' is the new 'bailout'

    On Monday, Senate Democrats used the word "shutdown" 13 times to describe what would happen if Republicans don't support a compromise bill to pay for summer and fall road projects.

  • House GOP wants to spend $3.3M on Benghazi probe

    WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans have called for spending up to $3.3 million this year on the special select committee tasked with investigating the deadly 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya. The seven-member GOP majority would receive some $2.2 million for staff and other operations while...

  • VIDEO: John Boehner doubles down on presidential lawsuit

    Speaker of the House John Boehner says lawmakers will vote to authorize a lawsuit against President Obama by the end of July.

  • Congress has just weeks to replenish expiring highway fund

    Roadwork nationwide could screech to a halt if Congress doesn't act soon.

  • GOP bucking business priorities on Capitol Hill

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Traditional ties between the business community and the Republican Party are fraying on Capitol Hill, where the House GOP has bucked corporate interests on a series of priorities this year, from immigration to highway funding to trade. Rebuffed in Congress, the U.S. Chamber...

  • Despite the grousing, voters rarely fire lawmakers

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Congress is wildly unpopular. In fact, two-thirds of Americans want their own House member booted. And the tea party is dogging longtime Republican lawmakers. So incumbents are sweating out this year's election, right? Nope. Mostly they're not. People talk about throwing...

  • Federal protection sought for wild horses in West

    RENO, Nev. (AP) — Despite overall numbers in the tens of thousands, mustang advocates say the wild horse is on the verge of going extinct in North America for the second time in 13,000 years and deserves protection under the Endangered Species Act alongside grizzly bears, the desert tortoise...

  • Election year a drag on productivity in Senate

    WASHINGTON (AP) — A fear of voting has gripped Democratic leaders in the Senate, slowing the chamber's modest productivity this election season to a near halt. With control of the Senate at risk in November, leaders are going to remarkable lengths to protect endangered Democrats from casting...

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