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  • Like the U.S. men's soccer team, conservatives are working on their offense

    In a slightly downbeat piece in the Week, Matt Lewis suggested Wednesday that conservatives are a lot like Tim Howard, the American goalkeeper who set a new World Cup record for saves in Tuesday's match between the U.S. and Belgium. “The fact that a goalkeeper would have to deliver such a...

  • Poll: World Cup a liberal's game; just 30% of nation following it

    According to poll published hours before the U.S. plays Belgium on Tuesday, liberals and moderates are tuning in far more than conservatives.

  • How to control the IRS and America's untouchable caste of bureaucrats

    Multiple illegalities coming to light in the IRS scandal provide a composite sketch of why government is America's oldest, biggest and most pervasive lawbreaker -- with no close second. And, it's getting worse.

  • Steve Scalise, a rising conservative star

    Make no mistake about it; Steve Scalise is a genuine conservative. He was one of only 15 Republican House members to get a 100-percent voting designation by the American Conservative Union.

  • Conservatives shouldn't hate soccer just because Europeans like it

    World Cup 2014 is upon us, which means you can count on two things: First, Team USA will lose to Ghana. (Oh, that didn't happen this time?) Second, some conservatives will argue that soccer is a socialist game and they want nothing to do with it. Of course soccer is socialist. There are ......

  • This massive survey on the differences between liberals and conservatives has 4 fascinating takeaways

    Republican and Democratic lawmakers have evolved at basically the same rate on the issue of homosexuality, there is still a portion of the population that opposes interracial marriage and the American public holds a generally favorable opinion of cable news, according to a new report from the...

  • VIDEO: Philip Klein discusses reform conservatism with Yuval Levin

    As the 2014 midterm elections heat up and the political world prepares for the presidential race soon after, there's been a vibrant discussion on the right about offering a positive conservative governing agenda. In the latest edition of "Dialogue," I talk to Yuval Levin, one of the most...

  • Why Dave Brat's win wasn't a victory for the Tea Party

    Don't call Dave Brat's win a victory for the Tea Party. The economics professor's shocking primary victory over House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is undoubtedly a huge coup for Tea Party activists in Virginia. But it’s also a lot more than that, and framing his win in “Tea Party vs....

  • It was a low-turnout election and other Eric Cantor-Dave Brat myths

    Fox News Digital Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt offers a useful corrective to four myths about Randolph-Macon Academy Professor Dave Brat's resounding 12-point defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

  • Ken Cuccinelli has a new job with this prominent conservative group

    Ken Cuccinelli is back. The Republican former attorney general of Virginia, who last year lost a bid for governor in a high-profile match-up against Democrat Terry McAuliffe, will take the reins as president of Senate Conservatives Fund, the group announced Wednesday. "Ken Cuccinelli is the...

  • Did somebody say something about the Tea Party being over?

    Saying the immigration issue is why House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost to political unknown Dave Brat in Tuesday's historic Republican primary is to mistake the effect for the cause. Brat did talk a lot about the immigration issue during the final week before Tuesday's voting, but he could...

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