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  • Who are the real 'extremists' in today's America?

    Imagine a Fourth of July tradition like Hollywood's where each year the Oscars pay homage to fallen stars.

  • Patriotism gap shows conservatives prouder of U.S. than liberals

    Despite prolonged economic troubles, deep political divisions, headaches abroad, and a sense that the country is on the wrong track, the heartening news this Fourth of July is that a majority of people say they often feel proud to be an American.

  • Like the U.S. men's soccer team, conservatives are working on their offense

    In a slightly downbeat piece in the Week, Matt Lewis suggested Wednesday that conservatives are a lot like Tim Howard, the American goalkeeper who set a new World Cup record for saves in Tuesday's match between the U.S. and Belgium. “The fact that a goalkeeper would have to deliver such a...

  • Poll: World Cup a liberal's game; just 30% of nation following it

    According to poll published hours before the U.S. plays Belgium on Tuesday, liberals and moderates are tuning in far more than conservatives.

  • How to control the IRS and America's untouchable caste of bureaucrats

    Multiple illegalities coming to light in the IRS scandal provide a composite sketch of why government is America's oldest, biggest and most pervasive lawbreaker -- with no close second. And, it's getting worse.

  • Steve Scalise, a rising conservative star

    Make no mistake about it; Steve Scalise is a genuine conservative. He was one of only 15 Republican House members to get a 100-percent voting designation by the American Conservative Union.

  • Conservatives shouldn't hate soccer just because Europeans like it

    World Cup 2014 is upon us, which means you can count on two things: First, Team USA will lose to Ghana. (Oh, that didn't happen this time?) Second, some conservatives will argue that soccer is a socialist game and they want nothing to do with it. Of course soccer is socialist. There are ......

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