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  • Panel plans to resume anti-violence program probe

    CHICAGO (AP) — A bipartisan panel of lawmakers plans to resume its probe next week of a troubled anti-violence program overseen by Gov. Pat Quinn's administration. Republican state Sen. Jason Barickman says he and panel co-chair, Democratic state Rep. Frank Mautino, have informed subpoenaed...

  • Secret Service agent who stopped White House intruder was off-duty

    By pure coincidence, the agent who tackled intruder Omar Gonzalez serves on the security detail for President Obama's daughters and was leaving for the night through the White House after seeing off the first family, sources told the Washington Post.

  • Secret Service: White House intruder posed threat

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Secret Service Director Julia Pierson acknowledged to Congress that an Army veteran who jumped the White House fence and made his way into the executive mansion was a threat. Pierson said, "I think Mr. Gonzalez coming into the main floor mansion is a threat." Pierson was...

  • Eric Holder targets Chicago crime

    Outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder Monday announced a new federal program to target high-crime cities, including Chicago, Ill., where shootings and other violent crime have skyrocketed.

  • This is how England deals with 'Twitter trolls' and online harassment

    A man from Bristol, England, was sentenced this week to 18 weeks in jail for using his Twitter account to abuse and threaten a female MP.

  • Oklahoma City beheading case leaves national security experts wondering

    Tony Blinken, deputy national security adviser to the president, said the FBI is investigating whether the suspect, Alton Nolen, is a so-called "lone wolf" terrorist or a disgruntled worker who went on a rampage, killing and beheading one co-worker and seriously wounding another.

  • Secret Service erred in 2011 shooting at White House

    A man in a car with a semiautomatic rifle landed seven shots on the White House in 2011, and Secret Service bosses dismissed the entire incident for four days.

  • Oklahoma beheading suspect's Facebook posts hint at terror roots

    Photos of Osama bin Laden and anti-American rants on Facebook by the suspect are raising fears the brutal murder of a co-worker in Oklahoma is an act of terror and not workplace violence.

  • Army unit in Mexico killings has past controversy

    MEXICO CITY (AP) — An army officer and seven soldiers who face disciplinary action for their participation in the killing of 22 people in rural southern Mexico belong to an army battalion with a history of incidents. The Mexican Defense Department said the eight were involved in the June 30...

  • Hot-tubbing GSA official indicted over lavish trips

    A San Francisco grand jury has indicted a former General Services Administration official whose lavish trips on the taxpayer's dime and whose image relaxing in a hot tub in 2012 became a symbol of government fraud and abuse.

  • Why Team Obama isn't afraid of being considered soft on crime

    As Attorney General Eric Holder on Tuesday championed the first decrease in the federal prison population in more than three decades, it was abundantly clear that Obama administration officials are operating in a political environment fundamentally different than their Democratic predecessors.

  • Secret Service interviewed accused intruder twice

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Secret Service agents in Virginia and Washington earlier this summer twice interviewed an Army veteran accused of climbing over a White House fence during the weekend and running into the executive mansion in the two months before the embarrassing security breach, a federal law...

  • What if we applied feminist logic to other crimes?

    In reality, outside of feminist dogma, it is not blaming the victims to suggest ways to reduce the risk of being violated in a world in which bad people exist.

  • Kansas police chief: Dem candidate for gov was not subject of strip club raid

    The Kansas police chief who conducted a 1998 strip club raid involving Democratic candidate for governor Paul Davis said Davis did nothing wrong.

  • The many costs of the ’94 crime bill

    The Omnibus Crime Bill caused the number of increase by more than 45 percent — the number of inmates in American prisons and jails grew from 1.01 million in 1994 to 2.3 million today.

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  • Another Fight Obama Shirks

    When it comes to military actions, President Obama likes to declare the end of wars, regardless of whether America’s opponents agree that is the case. When it comes to economic wars, he has no...

  • Second Time’s a Charm?

    Voters in Connecticut’s gubernatorial election this November will face a familiar choice as Republican Tom Foley squares off against Democrat Dan Malloy. Four years ago, in a nail biter for what...