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  • Lawmakers investigate second EPA official's role in 'CIA' spy scam

    Former Environmental Protection Agency official John Beale is in prison for defrauding the government of almost $900,000 by pretending to be a CIA spy, and now congressional investigators are turning their attention to a colleague suspected of helping him.

  • Congress approves bill to ease increases on flood insurance rates

    Congress has passed legislation to halt rate increases in the federal flood insurance program for many homeowners in hazard zones nationwide. The measure easily cleared the Senate by a vote of 72-22 after the House overwhelmingly approved it last week. The bill now goes to President Obama,...

  • Liberal labor union makes Republican arguments against Obamacare

    A new labor union research report offers a scathing indictment of how Obamacare affects middle-class workers. The report features a series of arguments that conservatives have long made about the law, right down to mentioning the language of "unintended consequences." Jon Ralston has the...

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