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  • Obama, Hillary Clinton circles overlap in Dem fundraising

    President Obama is bolstering his party's campaign coffers, joining an ally of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to help the Democratic National Committee climb out of a worrisome deficit. It's the latest alignment of the Obama and Clinton orbits, as the former first lady considers a...

  • Examiner Editorial: Nothing but hot air from Senate Democrats' talkathon

    Cynics might well suggest that last night's global warming “talkathon” by Senate Democrats from deep-blue states provided enough hot air to heat up the atmosphere. But such cynicism would miss the deeper significance of a political maneuver that was difficult to rationalize, even by...

  • Democrats' push for minimum wage hike stalls in Senate

    Democrats have been trumpeting their support for a hefty minimum wage increase in the run-up to November's midterm elections. So why haven’t they taken up legislation in Congress? “"Republicans will again have to choose between standing up for middle-class families and resorting to more...

  • Do most Americans agree with Democrats on the issues?

    According to many experts, Republicans are expected to hold the House and could even take the Senate in November. This seems to be a perplexing turn of events for many in the media. "Poll: Democrats' advantage on key issues is not translating to a midterm-election edge," reads the headline of...

  • Spoiler alert! Democrats aren't fans of CPAC

    Calling the annual Conservative Political Action Conference an “agenda-setting moment” for Republicans, the Democratic National Committee set out to disparage conservatism while riling up its base.

  • Obama, the Democrats and their crony capitalist friends

    President Obama has been spending a lot of time with the 1 percent lately, trying to get them to pony up to keep Democrats from losing control of Congress in November.

  • Obama calls for a more humble American foreign policy

    Speaking at the home of former Democratic Virginia Sen. Chuck Robb in McLean, Va., Obama explained his thinking on the current uprisings around the world.

  • DNC car magnets: Let other drivers know you're NOT a Republican!

    The Democratic Party has a new fun contest, allowing participants to vote for one of three car magnet designs, including one that says “not a Republican” with the Democratic National Committee's symbol below the words. The other two designs are pretty simple — one says “take back the...

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