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  • Snyder: Vote recognizes efforts to help Detroit

    LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder says a vote by Detroit workers and retirees to approve pension cuts in the city's bankruptcy is recognition that the state has pulled together in support of the city. In a statement Tuesday morning, Snyder said: "We have farther to go down this...

  • Detroit seeing upgrades ahead of bankruptcy trial

    DETROIT (AP) — Detroit neighborhoods are being relit, its vacant homes are being sold off or torn down, its public transportation is cleaner and more often on schedule and the city has renegotiated some burdensome union contracts. In the little more than a year since state-appointed emergency...

  • First signs of a Detroit recovery?

    On Monday, Detroit is expected to release the results of a vote by the state's retirees on an accepting a "grand bargain" bailout package from Michigan.

  • Deadline approaches for bankruptcy plan vote

    DETROIT (AP) — The most anticipated vote in Detroit this summer isn't for a city office. Instead, ballots due by Friday from city retirees could determine how quickly Detroit exits its historic bankruptcy and how much of the financial weight pensioners will bear. Non-uniformed retirees are...

  • VIDEO: Rick Snyder, Mark Schauer locked at 40 percent in Michigan

    Republican incumbent Governor Rick Snyder and Democratic challenger Mark Schauer are tied at 40 percent in Michigan's gubernatorial race.

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